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Gun Season tomorrow, say it aint so!
Whitetail Deer
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Nimrod90 17-Nov-17
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drycreek 17-Nov-17
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PECO 17-Nov-17
Swampbuck 17-Nov-17
Bowriter 18-Nov-17
Bloodtrail 18-Nov-17
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Pat Lefemine 18-Nov-17
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Bowriter 19-Nov-17
pav 19-Nov-17
JTV 19-Nov-17
lawdy 19-Nov-17
From: Nimrod90
The dreaded ( for me) Indiana gun season starts tomorrow and for the first time that I can remember in awhile I will be participating in it. I've had some very close encounters on big deer the last few weeks but not close enough because they are still running around. I'm trying to talk myself into being excited about it but not so sure that its working. Heck, I even put up a tripod stand today that I've had for years and never used.... I suppose we will see what tomorrow brings but yuck, just yuck!

From: JTV
Its downhill from here on out..... I sat out 11 hours yesterday (all day sit) on public land and saw NOTHING, sat out again today for 5 hours and had a small 6 come by and work a scrape... my vacations end tomorrow (Sat), baqck to work Sun.... I hunted 7 of the last 9 days (Vac. #2), I saw different small bucks, and various Does, had various of the dinks within range, as well as the Does, all were passed as I already have big Doe in the freezer.... saw some chasing and some scraps being worked, but nothing I wanted to take, no idea where the larger bucks are, I hunted multiple locations on the property, some looked fantastic, but no "shooters", at least in my eyes... I'll continue to go out, but if another big Doe gives me a chance, I'll tag out on her, as I want more meat in the freezer ... Good luck to those who gun hunt, as for me, I'm bow only and have been for several years now.... Good Luck ...

From: craig@work
I love to bowhunt but man I don't understand the angst so many people on here have over firearm seasons in their state. Here in Michigan I can bowhunt literally from 10-1 to 1/1. Gun hunters get 16 days in November and 16 or 17 in December. Last two years I tagged out with my bow and only watched during rifle season-actually hunted with my oldest and had a blast(pun intended). Embracing all the open seasons makes me happy. So much more fun than worrying about what someone might be hunting with tomorrow. Grab a gun and try it. You just might like it.

From: Buffalo1
Regular gun season opens in MS on November 18th. I do not plan to be in the woods.

From: drycreek
Gun season opened here Nov. 4 I think. Doesn't faze me, I hunt with bow, rifle, handgun, and even muzzleloader if I need or want to. I guess I'd hunt them with a rock if that's all I could do.

From: sticksender
Nimrod, since you say you can’t get excited about gun hunting, why are you choosing to stop bowhunting? Our Indiana bow season runs continuously from Oct 1st through early January. I arrowed my buck last year wearing blaze orange on the 10th day of ‘firearms’ season. Be honest about it......if you choose to gun hunt, it’s because you want to, simple as that. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a deliberate choice.

From: PECO
Longbows, recurves, compound bows, muzzle loaders and rifles are all very fun to hunt with. I had a crossbow for a while, not so fun, for me.

Gun season opens tomorrow in MS also. I have 3 in the freezer so I will let the powder burners have it for a few days. Plan on hunting the second half of next week with the bow. Hoping my daughter will get her first kill next week. (.243) As long as you hunt legal I don't have a problem with it.

From: Swampbuck
Yep, it's been open for two weeks now. Only good thing is we only bow hunt on my land so when the guns start going off the animals have a 1200 acre sanctuary to run too. I do notice the animals jump a bit when they hear a shot.

From: Bowriter
Opens here, in about three hours. I'm not going due to weather but will be up a tree tomorrow morning. Since I hunt nothing but private land, missing a day is nothing. Bow opens 4th Sat in Sept. and we have something open through about 10th of Jan. I try to hunt 3-4 days a week in good weather. I hunt bow-mzl-rifle, enjoy them all. I can legally kill, 333 does and two bucks. No, that is not a misprint-333 does, two bucks.

From: Bloodtrail
Gun in CT opened Wed 11/15. Our tags tags have dramatically decreased over the years while archery tags have grown a lot. You can't hunt with a bow here during gun season unless it's private land only or state land bow only.... I used to hunt with a gun when I was a kid because I wanted to kill a deer. But it's pretty easy to use a gun here and I no longer see the need. Would love it in CT if they let us use a bow on state land during gun.

From: OkieJ
Our Gun season opened today here. I haven't used a gun in 18 yrs but since I broke my wrist Tue. I probably will this year.

We are allowed to bowhunt thru gun season.

From: Pat Lefemine
You guys kill me - complaining about gun season opening up now.

NY's regular gun season in the Northern Zone - where my farm is - opened in October. I have been watching all my bucks drop ever since. Bow season is 10 days long and gun season is like 6 weeks! It's ridiculous.

I never understand all the hemming and hawing and ambivalence/reluctance regarding picking up a rifle during rifle season. No one is twisting your arm. If you prefer bowhunting and want to keep bowhunting, then keep bowhunting.

I've bowhunted 5 different tags in 3 states this year during rifle seasons and killed all 3 of this year's animals during them. Both the archery only seasons I've hunted, I've been skunked.

Every year there's people that are bummed about archery season ending and reluctantly pick up a rifle. I don't understand it. If it's really that much of a decrease in your enjoyment of hunting to do it with a rifle, then why do it?

From: mfg bowyer
Quite gun hunting in 79 after having 3 bullets come way to close. WI. has 800K take to the woods on opening day & like a small war. Gun hunting SUCKS!

From: Bowriter
Let me just throw this out there. How many of you would like to abolish any type of firearm season? Nothing but bow bow hunting. Now, if you answered yes to that. How do you think you would pay for you license? Remove all of the revenue from gun hunting and add it your license cost. Now, while you are at it, apply that to everything involved in the outdoor industry.

From: pav
I gave up participation in Indiana's deer firearm season on opening day of the 1991 season.....after yet another disappointing / stressful day sharing the woods with the orange army. As I loaded my buck in the back of the truck, I swore not to put myself through that again....and have kept that promise for 26 years and counting.

Back then, Hoosiers could not use a bow during firearms season. That law has since changed, but the situations experienced would be no different regardless what weapon I'm carrying. Yes, there are idiots that bowhunt too....just ALOT fewer of them in the woods on any given day.

I understand the value of firearms season....from both the monetary and population control perspectives....I just choose not to participate here at home. I have bowhunted out west multiple times during firearms seasons...none of which compared to the circus that is the Indiana firearms deer season.

From: JTV
I BOWhunt straight thru gun season, but on an archery only area ... you couldnt pay me to hunt where the gun hunting is, not on this public land ... I cant get back out till next Sat. maybe things will quiet down, I doubt it ... its been many years since Ive gun hunted for many of the reasons given above.... I just enjoy archery so much more and feel more accomplished when I take deer with a vertical tool rather than a shoulder held one .....

From: lawdy
We have big woods up here. With guns going now for a couple of weeks, I go deeper to bowhunt. Have not seen another hunter for 10 years now in the timberlands. We have few deer up here so most head out to greener pastures. A bunch of locals bought a farm in Indiana so they don't even hunt here anymore.

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