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Black bear chili
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RogBow 17-Nov-17
Bou'bound 18-Nov-17
bad karma 18-Nov-17
EJG 18-Nov-17
RogBow 18-Nov-17
bad karma 19-Nov-17
From: RogBow
Any good black bear chili recipes?

From: Bou'bound
bear will work with any recipe. meats meat in chili

From: bad karma

Make this recipe with bear meat. You won't be sorry.

From: EJG
Cocoa game meat chili by Steven rinella is easily my new favorite

From: RogBow
Bad Karma, that looks great. The Rinella recipe looks great too. I think I will make a hybrid version of the two. I'm not in Texas so I will add the beans.

From: bad karma
Rog, I won 2 small chili cook-offs with that recipe, and gave it to two friends. One came in first, the other came in second out of thirty five. If you want to add beans, have fun.

But bear meat is also magnificent in a beef burgundy.....slow braised in red wine with root vegetables. Try that, too. Just substitute bear for beef.

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