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Kansas Fraud - Monster Rack Adventures
Whitetail Deer
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HNF_Fool 18-Nov-17
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Thornton 19-Nov-17
PECO 20-Nov-17
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Forest bows 11-Jan-18
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Brotsky 12-Jan-18
Mule Power 13-Jan-18
From: HNF_Fool
I just spent a week with a fake “outfitter” in Palmer, KS. Monster Rack Adventures. Stands across the line. Saw 9 deer in a week. Multiple problems with this oufitter. Be aware.

From: Bou'bound
share details please

From: bowbender77
You should at least submit an outfitter report.

Putting any outfitter in such a negative way needs at least. An explanation to base it on.....????

From: milnrick
Agree, please share your experience via an Outfitter Report.

From: petedrummond
Hnf their website says its semi guided they take you to farms show you some trees and your in your own. How can it be the outfitters fault since they only provide food lodging and directions. Maybe your just not up to it and blame the outfitter.

From: Thornton
What on earth did you expect?! You don't even have to be licensed in KS to guide anymore!

From: PECO
Sounds like a good name for a porn movie, not an outfitter.

From: MRA
lol we went over 50% as a success rate this year, with semi-guided hunts, how'd we go wrong

Bou inquiring for deets....lolol....

From: Kurt
The original poster should at least post his real name if he expects credibility......

From: keith
It's 'cuz them Kansas deer are so much smarter then them Bama deer.

Agreed Kurt

From: Forest bows
Cheap hunts are cheap

From: TSI
Awful lot of the bait and tease threads lately?

MRA,if I were an outfitter getting ripped like that for the world to see,,at least I'd call out the op to air it out,,hey if you run a stand up operation,I think you should defend your side ...I run a fishing guide outfit,so I'm just speaking from my thinking,if your gonna tell every one to steer clear of me,I wanna know why....

From: greg simon
I agree with TSI. Seems to be a bit of trollin' going on on Bowsite lately.

From: ohiohunter
He called it Fraud... where's the button for the ejection seat?

From: Genesis
and ...so ...like ,I didn't even know Monster's had racks????.........Omg whatever?????

From: TD
Went out with a monster once that had a heck of a rack....... still a monster though......

From: midwest
TD, a nice rack will make up for a lot of monster....for a while.

From: APauls
lol I'm trying to picture Genesis saying "omg whatever"

Midwest,,,,,,hence forth known as "rack blindness ",

From: drycreek
This thread is a major disappointment.............

From: smarba
I thought it was common knowledge that most monster racks were frauds?! LOL

From: Brotsky
A fraudulent monster rack? Talk about bait and switch!

From: Mule Power
I crack up when you see 99 hunters giving a 2 thumbs up and 1 guy says worst outfitter ever.

Turkey Bowmaster is that you???? Lmfao

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