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ground hunter 18-Nov-17
Tilzbow 18-Nov-17
c3 18-Nov-17
Maybe someone on bowsite, does these u tube videos,,,,, lots of good information on shooting and such,,,, but here is my tip,,, why do so many make videos, with all the back ground noise....

I am watching a good guy, with a series on gap shooting, for a trad bow,,,, each video, dogs barking, helicopter noise, chain saws, construction noise, guns going off,,,,

don' t they realize this,,,, lots of good stuff, but man, some times hard to hear them

From: Tilzbow
Free videos, deal with it.

From: c3
Don't worry I take out all the audio on my video's and put in music I like. Most people hate it. So, they can turn the dial down and play their own tunes. In the cinema world, the saying goes something like "sound is half the image" so I often click past video's that have crappy audio. Don't get me started on shaky video. That is my pet peeve. I've spent thousands on tripods, fluid heads and stabilizers to get rid of the shimmy shake and roll :)

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