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What time of day to switch stands?
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MichaelArnette 19-Nov-17
Bou'bound 19-Nov-17
Woods Walker 19-Nov-17
Ben 19-Nov-17
So for all you all day sitters during the rut which hours of the day you guys think is best to miss when switching stands? I have a problem quite often where I'm on call and need to return a call or my folks have something for me to do....etc Today I have the common dilemma. I'm in a good spot in Kansas have already seen a couple of young bucks. I need to not be late for dinner with my extended family so I'll need to end my day in NE Oklahoma (close to home) where rifle season is raging. Sooo should I:

1: stay in stand until 2:00pm, drive to NE oklahoma arriving in stand around 4:00pm (a little late) ending my hunt at dark or around 6:15pm

2: leave my stand around noon, drive to NE oklahoma and hunt a traditional morning and evening sit

From: Bou'bound
Hunt where your camera nfidence is highest

From: Woods Walker
If you're in the woods all day you aren't missing anything. You're there. If you sat a morning stand and then wanted to switch stands for the afternoon, then just stillhunt your way from one stand to the other. So it takes 3 or 4 hours. That's great because then you have no reason to rush.

The situation you're facing is NOT the same as being in the woods all day because you are in fact NOT. You'll be in your car!

In fact this very practice is what got me into stillhunting all the time. I started doing this when I was hunting all day instead of going back to camp or town. I liked being in the woods better than being in camp, and when I killed one that way I was hooked.

From: Ben
I have gone out at night and moved my stand so that I wouldn't disturb the day time movement or be seen as easy. Just don't carry any weapons that can be used for taking a deer and if someone else's property make sure they know you'll be in there at night and what you are doing. I have done this for both deer and turkey. Gone in at night when I have roosted turkey and didn't want to be seen or heard before dawn (no lights). Usually done this between 10 pm and 12 am.

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