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On the first day of deer season...
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
scentman 20-Nov-17
Rut Nut 20-Nov-17
t-roy 20-Nov-17
EmbryOklahoma 20-Nov-17
kellyharris 20-Nov-17
Ambush 20-Nov-17
BigOk 20-Nov-17
Brotsky 20-Nov-17
From: scentman
my true love gave to me... a $25.00 gift card from Cabela's... On the second day of deer season my true love gave to me...

From: Rut Nut
a bottle of Tink's 69! ;-) On the third day of deer season my true love gave to me..................

From: t-roy

On the 30 something day of hunting season bowsite gave to us... another CT thread from Ohio, and nooooo... deerrrrr killeddddd. :)

From: kellyharris
On the 40th day of deer season I gave someone a free tote of predator clothing!

From: Ambush
.........a-a-a-a-a filthy looook!

for coming in the house

with muddy boots

and spil---ling a thermos of tea.

From: BigOk
An ear full for creating a 10 year old deer hunting monster that thinks her mom doesn't know anything about hunting!

From: Brotsky
On the 60th day of deer season my true love gave to me....4 empty shell casings and no deer to clean.....:)

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