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Guys, need your help here. I live in Mexico and now airlines are charging for bow hunting equipment (75 dollars each single trip) if it comes in a bow case. There is no hassle for duffel bags. I had read about Badlands Terra Glide, William Joseph Terrestrial and Sitka Gear Nomad which can accommodate compound bows (I use now a Matthews Halon 7). Which one will you recommend? Or any other option, please. Thanks for the help and good hunt for everyone this season.

From: elkstabber
Do they charge for a golf bag case?

From: kellyharris
Put it in a square SKB bow case and write


From: rooster
I had a "custom" corrugated cardboard box made for the last time I flew with my archery gear. After reading some of the travel threads and airline regulations concerning travelling with archery gear, I had the box built to just slightly under the allowable stated on the airlines website. The box was constructed of double wall high strength cardboard. It stood up well for my tri and could have been reused many times. I was able to put my bow, quiver, arrows and most of my camo clothing in the box.

From: Trial153
I used the Sitka nomad and it works excellent

From: sticksender
Terra Glide works well and nobody asks any questions. Maximum overall bow length that will fit is about 37", packed in a soft case.

From: smarba
To the best of my knowledge airlines don't charge for golf cases. I used to pack my bow in a SKB rigid golf case but my new bow won't fit in it. Worked great, though.

Thank you guys. The golf cases are now being charged. I don't know if the same happens in the USA. I would try the Terra Glide (unfortunately no longer made) or the Sitka Nomad. If anyone needs info about hunting in Mexico, let me know (I am just a hunter, not an outfitter, so it would be an advice from a hunter to another hunter).

From: t-roy
Check on EBay. They occasionally have Terraglides on there.

From: Bono

From: Bono
Perdón Memo, I had been using for many years the Sportlock. The double is small enough carry 2 bows, but you can take only 1, and utilize the rest for clothes I had take it to many places as normal baggage.

From: timberdoodle
Too bad - I've used my samsonite hard-sided golf case a number of times now with no questions asked or eyebrows raised.

SKB double and what Kelly said

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