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I have the 6 foot expandable pole saw and also their hand saw. I broke the knuckle on the pole saw and called them and a new one was shipped out the next day at no charge. Sweet!

These are the best cutting expandable pole and hand saws I have found and I appreciate the fine customer service.

From: GhostBird
Good to hear. Have to check them out.

Todd and his wife are class acts.

From: Bowfinatic
I have 2 bandsaws bone&tree also their 15ft pole saw. Awesome products! I bent my pole saw they fixed it for free and replaced blade which was slightly bent.

From: kota-man
Yep...Great products. I saw one of their hand saws in action in Alaska and came home and immediately ordered one. Great stuff...

From: Pat Lefemine
I’ve never used them before. How do they compare with the hooeyman?

From: Scrappy
Sure glad your not bashing them. The owner is a real internet bully. I've never had any dealing with him but I've seen on forums where guys had issues and he would be on there giving folks the internet beat down.

I had one, but lost it. I also bought one of their bone saws on

They have a booth at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA. I'll probably buy another this year.

From: Hawkeye
Awesome product! Best customer service out there as well. Todd has repaired mine in the past and even offered to drop off for me. Try wont be disappointed.

From: TD
Pat, I don't know about Wicked, you never see them here. Most of the pro landscapers here use Silky. Japanese blades scary sharp. Kicks Hooeyman up and down the street. My little Gomboy folder cuts a 2" limb in about 4-5 strokes.

Man I use my junky,no name fold up saw in the field...ALOT..I'm loving the way this sounds,,I'm looking into wicked for sure..thx for the input....

Been using their hand saw for years. The best!!!!

From: Brotsky
I need a new hand saw for my pack, I'll give wicked a look! The bigger jobs and stand hanging we use a cordless pole saw. That was one of the best ideas ever! Makes really quick work of any branches.

From: Tradmike
Silky saws are the best. They are used by professional arborists.

From: Will
Pat, my experience with hooeyman is that the blade feels flimsy. Now, the one I have was from shortly after they came out, and I've not bought a new one since... So, it's held up with cautious use.

My wicked saw is a beast. Feels super stout and really sturdy.

If I was to buy a packable extending saw today, I'd look at wicked's offering first... Though I dont dislike the Hman. The Wicked just feels a bit sturdier to me - to the point that I've gone from using it only hunting, to pruning and working on the yard etc as well.

From: kota-man
I agree with Will...The HM feels almost flimsy compared to the Wicked. I broke the only HM I bought. I don't think I could break the Wicked.

From: Franklin
I put a landscape blade/clipper combo on a pool screen pole. The greatest set up there is.

I am told that Tecamonte bought Wicked Tree Gear in 2016 and Todd is no longer with the company.

From: wild1
I had a Hooeyman, which is made of mostly plastic, for exactly one day afield before it broke. Sent it back to Cabelas for a refund and purchased a Wicked 6 ft. expandable. I've had the Wicked for about six/seven years, and while it's not perfect, it is a tough piece of equipment and the best expandable saw (for easy transport lashed to a backpack) I've been able to find.

From: SteveBNY
Charlie - that would explain why he seems to have disappeared from other forums. Used to claim he "tuned" each saw. Never would explain what that meant.

From: Newhunter1
I have the wicked hand saw a nd the extendable pole. However my pole goes to 12 think. It is a beast and well built. I bought it straight from Todd about 5 years or so ago. I also bought the hand saw too...recently I bought the bone saw...I thought it was a wood saw and bought it to replace my orginial wicked wood saw. found my wood saw after getting this one. Might have to sell the bone saw.

From: Griz34
I have never tried the Silky saws, but I've heard really good things about them. I bought a Wicked saw 4 or 5 years ago I think and I really love it. It's a little spendy, but very sturdy unlike a lot of the saws I'd had previously.

From: XMan
I am a big fan of their hand saws, only one I will ever own!

From: Zbone
Well you guys made me do it… I just purchased the Wicked Tree Gear 14’ Ultra Light Pole system and hook, mainly for work as a telephone/DSL, installer/repairman rather than personal use for trimming trees, although it will come in handy…

I be compilating this tree gear ever since reading this thread when it started… My commercial pole sticks for work are heavy and awkward to use at times and have been looking for months for something better, even bought a cheap pruner/saw set from Lowes a couple months ago, but don’t really like them either…

Well, my last job of the day today was to repair and relocate a couple aerial drops down due to a storm and was tired being late in the day and didn’t even want to dig my sticks out clear in the back of the truck… Well, I got home this evening and ordered some Wicked Tree Gear, we'll see how it goes…

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