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Bowriter 21-Nov-17
Nick Muche 21-Nov-17
From: Bowriter

Bowriter's embedded Photo
Bowriter's embedded Photo
After 10 straight days of nothing but bucks, either small or out of range, coming by. Finally a doe in range yesterday afternoon. Perfect for my purposes, field dress maybe 50-pounds and fat. But for the last 10-days, I have seen nothing but bucks. Yesterday morning, low was 19, clear with slight SW wind...perfect. Saw one little eight at 40-yards and one I would shoot at about 200-yards. Have seen, b y my rough count, 22-bucks in the last 10-days, all cruising, not chasing, just looking. Makes me think we are in the peak of the rut and the dominant bucks are with does. That leaves the young bucks on the prowl. Going out again this morning. Current temp is 35, clear, little bit of South wind. Maybe the does will be back in action. She went nowhere.

From: Nick Muche
Good work John, glad to see that sophisticated shot sequence pay off :)

I bet that you had a fun afternoon in the stand, best of luck this morning!

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