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Kansas- Purchase vrs. Lease
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BDA 21-Nov-17
Trial153 21-Nov-17
Ollie 21-Nov-17
Thornton 21-Nov-17
From: BDA
Gentlemen- I'm looking for everyone's thoughts... I'm moving to Kansas this summer. I am contemplating purchasing some hunting land, but I think I may need to win the lottery to afford it, especially since I'd need a large down payment. As another option, I've thought about leasing land. I'm interested in hearing anyone's thoughts. Plus, does anyone have a good contact for land purchase or leasing? Thanks- Jeremy.

From: Trial153
Just me, but i would knock on a few door hat in hand before i jumped the gun on either. Kansas has some of the nicest people anywhere and they may surprise you with a yes.

From: Ollie
Land can be a good investment. When I moved to Iowa in 2001, I bought hunting acreage for a little under $800 per acre. Hunting land in the same area sells for about $3000 per acre today. Wish I bought more. You can also enjoy "your investment", something difficult to do with a mutual fund certificate. Lots of factors to consider like what you can afford to spend, can you lease out farming rights for some income to help with payments, how many years do you anticipate you would own the land and hunt on it, etc.

From: Thornton
I've done both. Buying was the best decision I've ever made at $1290/acre 8 years ago .The locals will hunt your lease when you're not there and if it's any good, it will probably be leased to a higher bidder. I enjoy calling coyotes, cutting wood, shooting, and bird hunting when I'm not deer or turkey hunting on mine.

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