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Starter youth bow for my daughter
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I read bowsite just about every day but don't post much.

The other day I was with my daughter and had 20 minutes to burn so I stopped in a local bow shop I had never been in before. You might have thought they were giving away free candy when she got so excited when she saw the pink bow hanging on the wall.

I don't think she ever realized there were pink bows out there. She asked for one and the guy behind the counter said they offer lessons. She asked if she could start taking lessons. Good bye swimming, hello archery.

To make a long story short, I value the opinion and knowledge of the people on this sight so I am asking for input on a half decent compound bow for my 6 year old daughter. As it stands right now she just wants to target shoot and it has to be pink and right handed. Trying to keep it under $100 so in case she doesn't love it, I'm not throwing money out the window. Please let me know if you can recommend one or if you even have one you're will to sell.

I will take whatever quality time I can get and the joy of introducing and teach her about something I am passionate about.


From: LINK
Bear cruzer lite on eBay for 180$. Can grow a lot with her. There are cheaper options but I’m not sure if she could potentially hunt with them in a few years. Bow draw is 5-45 lbs I? think.

From: craig@work
I got my son a diamond that goes from like 10-70lbs and draw 15-30" or something like that. Pretty neat bow.

From: GF
How about a Mathews Genesis, which is The Official Bow for the NASP? Pretty sure they make ‘em in pink for that.

And no let-off, so no setting of DL required; only one arrow allowed in the program and you can get ‘em at Walmart, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to always have access to as many as you need.

Those Genesis arrows are 1820s, by the way; they spine at about #53, so I’m planning to work up a load for each of my bows, just so I’ll never get stranded high and dry.... sorta like how everyone used to give the advice to buy a .270 or an ‘06 so you could buy ammo at any hardware store or gas station.

From: milnrick
Genesis is the way to go and the last time I checked they came in pink.

From: bas4109
The Diamond Atomic is a nice little bow. I got one for my 5 year old son and he loves it.

From: GF

GF's embedded Photo
GF's embedded Photo
Gotta love a 5-year-old Bowman!

My little guy is still shooting this bow 7 years later, though I think there might be a new one under the tree this year...

My daughter shoots a Mission Menace II and it's a great bow because it's light wt for a compound and it's very adjustable as far as draw wt and length and you don't need a bowpress to do it. She was pretty weak for her size when she started shooting and I was able to turn the bow way down to where she could draw it easily.

You won't get one for $100, but she'll be able to use it to shoot and even hunt for many years. And they do come in pink, although my daughter fortunately wanted hers in camo :)

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