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Under $5000 guided hunt
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From: gdaddy
Looking for recommendations on a guided elk hunt. Three of us all at or near 70 have been hunting Colorado DIY for the last 8 years with limited success and have decided to do a guided hunt while we can still get up and down the mountains. Would like to keep the cost around $5000 but might go a little higher if it would make a difference. We all have 6+ PP in Colorado if that matters. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

From: cnelk

cnelk's Link
Here is a helpful link you can use to search different states i.e. Wyoming

From: Buglmin
Banded Peaks Ranches, or even the Jicarilla. If I'm not mistaken, BPO is around 6000.00 for archery.

From: Pyrannah
Good luck man, I have had very limited success with outfitters, been some bad experiences, even from the “good” ones

I wish you all the luck and success, don’t take any word from people on the internet, do your own research and be confident on who you select on your own!

From: DConcrete
Banded peak ranch is a great elk hunt. I’ve been 2 years in a row and going for a 3rd next season.

It is around 7,000.00 Forms 5 day, fully guided, 5 star accommodation.

Contact Randy slaughter with banded peak ranch outfitted/rio brazzo outfitters.

In my personal experience, and take it for what it’s worth, Stay away from any elk hunts that are in that 5000.00 range. You truly do get what you pay for.

And as far as the above comments about not so good experiences with outfitters, I can certainly see how he’d come to that assessment.

Do your homework and talk with others who’ve been.

Glad to see you doing it...spend it enjoy it have a great time unless you spend money it's just paper.....sounds like fun...

From: bearguide
HI if you haven't found that right at $5000 mark I have the perfect place. Place called bullseye outfitting in trout creek, Montana. Guys name is Ben mummert. He can take you on great trip.

From: Mark Watkins
Mike's Outfitting in Alberta (also a Bowsite sponsor) I killed a nice 6x5 there a few years ago. Lots of elk, great people, bow hunting guides, great food and solid accommodations. Easy terrain for an elk hunt as it is not a mountain hunt!

I highly recommend!

PM me for an reason


From: David A.
The Jicarilla is around 7000 and guide fees will typically bring it up to 10,000. Bulls are not as big as the Gilia. Right now their mule deer and elk programs are in a bit of turmoil. They do have a high fence operation with bigger bulls, but it is more of a rifle hunt I believe and it's very expensive.

Ute trail Outfitters in Salida CO is a very good route

From: HDE
If it's Jic Apache being talked about, there are a lot if other options that cost less and offer the same quality.

As far as their game park - Horse Lake Mesa - a few years back they ran $15k with trophy fees applied as well.

From: gdaddy
Thanks guys for all the suggestions. Now I just have to sort it all out. Not my first guided hunt just looking for some place to start from those that have been there.

From: ohiohunter
I think there is a late season cow hunt on the vermejo ranch for about 1k, 4 day hunt. Probably book one right now and hunt next week.

From: wytex
Look at a drop camp for that price.

From: Treeline
For your Colorado PP's, you might contact Halfmoon Outfitters (719) 486-4570 for 49. They could set you up with a fully guided hunt or pack in/pack out option if you wanted to do part of it on your own.

From: gdaddy
Lots of great information. A drop camp was a suggestion and I had thought about that but most don't think much of them. If I could find a good one I would not be opposed. Any suggestions?

From: Mark Watkins
Gdaddy, Rarely have I heard good outcomes on drop camp hunts... And for logical reasons. Why would an outfitter put you in one of his better elk areas for less than half the money of his fully guided? He wouldn't.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide and do!!


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