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Mike-TN 23-Nov-17
Bou'bound 23-Nov-17
Brotsky 23-Nov-17
Griz34 23-Nov-17
butcherboy 23-Nov-17
Nick Muche 24-Nov-17
From: Mike-TN
Looking to order sanctuary bibs and Woodbury jacket and I am on the border of sizing at 6’ 195. I fit into the low end of the large sizing chart but the only piece of FL I have is the chama hoodie and it is really big on me..... if I ordered chama again it would be a Medium. Looking for input on how true to sizing FL is before I pull the trigger. According to website I can’t return sale items Thanks Mike

From: Bou'bound
Order big

From: Brotsky
You’ll be good with large.

From: Griz34
I'm 6' 1" and 185 to 195 depending on the season. I buy all the first lite upper body stuff in Large. I'm pretty sure I could fit in a medium but I like them to fit a little big. The first time I ordered something from them I got an XL Uncompahgre and holy crap it was big. I get a size larger from Sitka and Kuiu.

From: butcherboy
Seems like they are a little small on me so I buy a size larger than normal but I also like my clothes loose fitting. I’m not that tall but very broad in the shoulders and chest so it’s even harder to find clothes that fit. I always go larger

From: Nick Muche
Sounds like the Large will do.

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