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Okay- I'm going...
Whitetail Deer
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Bowriter 25-Nov-17
Arrowhead 25-Nov-17
T Mac 25-Nov-17
Kodiak 25-Nov-17
From: Bowriter

Bowriter's embedded Photo
Bowriter's embedded Photo
Checked the factors: (1) Weather is right. (2) Wind is right. (3) We are entering chase phase #2, deer activity is picking up after the peak of the rut. (4) Back feels better. (5) Perfect for a ground hunt from a blow-down treetop, natural blind. Short walk on mostly level ground, somewhat comfortable, folding stool with backrest. Help available with dragging if needed. I'm going. Love me sunlight in the thicket. And no, that aint no trail camera picture. That was taken with my p-o-s, (stands for piece of crap) pocket camera, last week...I think.

From: Arrowhead
Good for you. Enjoy it!

From: T Mac
Who’s got it better then you Bowriter! Good Luck!

From: Kodiak
I'm laying in bed surfing the net. Think I'll roll over and get a few more zzzz's. After that I reckon I'll do the couch potato thing.

Hope you arrow one for all us slackers.

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