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Which Popup ground blind?
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MathewsMan 27-Nov-17
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From: coelker
So I have a cheaper Ameristep? Ground blind that I have had for years and works well but is kind of small. I am looking at picking up a couple more for hunting with kids. I want them to be inexpensive but roomy enough for 2 chairs and rook to draw a bow.

Any suggestions on a blind that will be used only a few days each year at most?

From: elk nailer
Barronett big cat, love mine.

From: dmann
Big mikes are nice and roomy. I have an ameristep dominator that is plenty big for two as well.

From: deerhunter72
Barronett blinds seem to be fairly well made and roomy.

From: DRR324

DRR324's Link
Picked this up on sale at Dunhams for 129.00. It seems to be made well and is huge. Only thing I don't like so far, the windows aren't double zipper (from either end). I'm not a big fan of pop ups, but wanted one for late season and would have liked to be able to open windows part way...

From: MathewsMan
Can't go wrong with Double Bull's top models

From: Scoot
Just like packs, I bought inexpensive ground blinds and it turned out they cost me a lot more money than just buying a good one to start with. I went through a blind every year or every other year for about 10 years. Then I bought a Double Bull about 5 years ago and it's been going strong ever since. Expensive on the front end, but a money saver in the long run. YMMV

From: MathewsMan
Buy nice or buy twice

From: tobinsghost
Double bull for my Son and I. He is 12 and likes to move around instead of sitting still. Even the lower end models are big enough for us two and he packs like a Kardashian!

Love my double bulls!!! I've been in a lot of different blinds and they imo are the best out for comfort shooting and a good thick quiet material..... I actually wouldn't mind getting another I think my two are at least six years old and holding up great!

From: c3
I have a smaller ameristep and you can't shoot out of it without opening the door. The animals can see you in that thing perfectly. Not sure it's possible to kill an animal out of one when it's not super windy and almost dark :)

From: wyliecoyote
I am surprised no body suggested the Sportsman Guide Magnum popup.....You can stand up in it 6'6" is 72" x 80" and folds up just like the popular ameristep asked for cheaper and bigger...this one is $79...6 sided so you have 3 bands instead of 2 a little harder to effect the figure 8 foldup (more muscle power) but I am 74 a nd can do it !! P.S. also has the foliage/limb fasteners all the way around....Funny anecdote...I was looking for a bigger popup like you...saw this one on Ebay for $159 and bought it because it was just what I wanted....when it came, I saw it was made for Sportstman's Guide..looked in their catalog..brand new for $79 !!


From: jims
My Double bull double wide has gobs of room and is a solid blind with lots of great windows. I'm not sure but believe they have a lifetime warrantee? That kindof tells you how well they are made.

Herters makes a great blind,,plenty of room,super easy setup/ takedown.very affordable,..every blind I've ever owned has the crazy loud zipper at the entrance ! I wish manufactures would address it,,

From: Dino
I am trying a Xenek ground blind this year...has some really cool features and is built very tough. I liked my double bull blinds, but found there were a few changes I would make if I were to build it...this Xenek blind has them

From: darralld
Big Mike

From: showme
I've had the double bull now have the Herters the problems is the flat roof and being picked off when first set up. Usually had to leave them out and really brush them in to get results. Not always possible.

The Leatherwall guys say the Hidden Hunter blinds is the ticket, blend in off the bat, no flat roof and deer ignore a new set up. My next is a Hidden hunter.

From: ohiohunter

ohiohunter's Link
Showme..I certainly like their camo choices. Has anyone had hands on these??

Rob I have been buying blinds from bass pro ground max

From: leftee
Hidden Hunters are nice and light and easily,quickly set up but you have the metal rods on the floor to deal with and the windows are less than ideal for bowhunting other than turkeys.

From: showme

showme's Link
They shoot 50 inch long bows from them so thinking a compound be easier. :] No blind is perfect, my number one gota have in a blind is put up and not be visible to a deer. The non flat roof, fabric and camo achieve that more than any flattop blind.

Set up and use, not leave out and brush in blind, is what I'm after. Because it you can set up and use immediately without spooking deer, then it's a given about leaving out and brushing in, for this one quality I can put up with metal spoke floor.

From: DEC
I own a bunch of Double Bull Dark Horse blinds. For me that has been the gold standard of ground blinds for a long time. I still love them and have a pile of unopened boxes of them in storage that I have bought over the years. But last spring I bought three of the new Xenek blinds and am really growing to enjoy them more. Their window system simply is the best in the way it adjusts. They are a little bit more challenging to setup than a Dark Horse because they are slightly taller than they are wide. But they are nice. Stubble straps for brushing in. Heavy duty materials. I'd encourage anyone to check them out.

I am in no way paid or compensated for any brand of blind that I hunt with ... the new mandatory Bowsite disclaimer it seems.

From: tradmt
Wind is my battle, they need to have sturdy hubs and rods and durable fabric . Double Bull has been the only one that has worked for me but it was stolen.

From: showme
I am in no way paid or compensated for any brand of blind, me neither.

But I want a blind that when set up is ready to go, the flat top blinds are not.

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