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Finally a shot on video!
Whitetail Deer
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BowSniper 30-Nov-17
Scrappy 30-Nov-17
bdfrd24v 30-Nov-17
Mark Watkins 30-Nov-17
t-roy 30-Nov-17
Southern draw 30-Nov-17
Paul@thefort 30-Nov-17
midwest 30-Nov-17
bowbender77 30-Nov-17
BowSniper 30-Nov-17
deerslayer 30-Nov-17
orionsbrother 30-Nov-17
Bou'bound 30-Nov-17
Joey Ward 30-Nov-17
StickFlicker 30-Nov-17
Arrowhead 30-Nov-17
BowSniper 01-Dec-17
Bowboy 01-Dec-17
Nick Muche 01-Dec-17
Dennis Razza 01-Dec-17
SBH 01-Dec-17
From: BowSniper

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I don't know about you guys, but I've had a hellova time ever getting a hunting shot self-filmed on camera. Batteries die, too dark, bush obstruction, and then just getting a decent buck to cooperate. Whew!

Finally had my chance this month, Nov 5. A solid 8pt mature buck was in a nice clear area with good light, and I had my go pro handy.

It actually almost went bad when I murp'ed him to stop for the shot... he bolted! But just a few steps and then stopped. That threw me off a bit, and I must have shot center-mass in a panic (too far back). But the shot still took a liver and one lung, and he dropped in 6o yards. Got it done.... on camera.... finally!


From: Scrappy
That's a cool looking buck. I do not have enough control of my buck fever to ever attempt to film. Congrats

From: bdfrd24v
Well done. I've taken a camera a few times. Never anything on film.

Good buck and congrats!

From: Mark Watkins
Sweeeet! Congrats!!!


From: t-roy
Easier said than done. Congrats!


From: Paul@thefort
good job. Hard to do solo.

From: midwest
Nice work, Adam!

From: bowbender77
Good job !

From: BowSniper
Thanks fellas. I have been in a hunting slump since that buck, so at least I have the video memory for playback. Ha!

Would love to take one up close from a ground blind, on film. But havent had much success getting the daylight and deer to line up at the same time. :-)

From: deerslayer
Great job, I do a ton of self filming, and respect anybody who's willing to give it a try. It adds a whole new element of challenge to the already difficult challenge of bow hunting. I have self filmed a lot of hunts over the years, and although you get better at it, it still never is easy.

Good stuff! Enjoyed your Montana Elk Hunt video too.

From: Bou'bound
great job on both ends. shot and film

From: Joey Ward
Great job. Tough thing to do alone.

From: StickFlicker
Congratulations. It took me a few years to stop screwing up and finally make one on video as well, now I'm pretty consistently successful in my attempts. It just takes practice.

Scrappy, I actually think that trying to film takes your mind of the shot and helps you calm down before you shoot. Your mind is occupied by going through the steps needed to make the video and not thinking about the shot.

From: Arrowhead
Good Job. Self filming will cost you a shot on a deer but when it all comes together it's really cool.

From: BowSniper
Orion - on the Montana elk hunt video, I wish I had taken more footage while hunting. Heck, I wish I actually shot an elk like my hunt buddy! But looking back at the video of the overall journey and 36hr drive, it really was an awesome adventure. Putting the video to music, I can almost forget the pain and suffering through that hunt.

Almost. :-)

From: Bowboy
Congrats. Really tough to do by yourself.

From: Nick Muche
Way to go! Cool looking rack on him, nice work!

From: Dennis Razza
Good job! Congrats!

From: SBH
That's pretty dang cool. Nice work and great buck.

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