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Missouribreaks 01-Dec-17
Vids 01-Dec-17
Brotsky 01-Dec-17
Missouribreaks 01-Dec-17
Jaquomo 01-Dec-17
Franzen 01-Dec-17

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From: Vids
Lol, sounds like dad might be filling the freezer and using the little one's tag...

From: Brotsky
Or maybe buying bear points so his kid can hunt a bear down the road when he's old enough?

This is great PR for hunters. Do you all agree?

From: Jaquomo
Well, kids are maturing earlier now, what with hormones in the milk and in the drinking water..

If CO allowed this, some kids born this year might collect enough PPs to hunt unit 2 or 201 before they die..

From: Franzen
Your promotion of x-bows has allowed some pretty young ones to take flight and get it done in the woods.

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