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First Lite Clothing Purchase
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Bowfreak 02-Dec-17
grizzley21 02-Dec-17
Steve Leffler 03-Dec-17
4araquiver 03-Dec-17
From: Bowfreak
It was Black Ovis. Not sure now.

From: grizzley21
I just ordered a set from first lite,, they had the size I wanted, all the other places that had a sell, only had a few different sizes, the sell First Lite just had, the prices where the same as the others

Bought mine last week from Midway during the sale. Great service and the stuff appears to be ideal for late season Whitetail hunting. Can’t wait to use it. I believe the sales are over now. I bet after the holidays there will be more great sales.

From: 4araquiver
I order first lite from Linton outdoors. Excellent customer service!

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