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I just celebrated my 85th birthday while bowhunting in Kansas, my birthday gift was a nice 10 pointer. as the years passed I've to lower my weight to 50lbs on my Mathews

From: Scrappy
Congrats to you Sir, I have two friends that are 70 and constantly complain about being old. Yup I'll be sending them this thread.

From: midwest
Congrats to you, Bob! That's fantastic!

Congrats! Thats a fantastic birthday gift! Kudos to you for not just staying able to get out in the woods and hunt, but even more to keeping the fire to put forth the effort!!! Carpè Diem!!!!

From: Butternut40
Congrats. What a great birthday present.

From: Jaquomo
What a great inspiration you are! Congratulations, and keep on going!

From: Joey Ward
That’s awesome!

From: TD
Bob..... I keep trying to catch up to you but every time I look up you're still ahead.... you need to slow down and let folks catch up.....

Congrats on the buck! I bet you have another bear this spring in you too!

Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving. Have a Merry Christmas too! Give that family a hug for me.

From: dakotaduner
Congratulations to you. May we all live healthy and strong to enjoy hunting with family and friends

From: t-roy
That is awesome, Bob! Congrats! Great to see guys like you still getting it done. You’re definitely an inspiration to us all.

From: Pigsticker
Wow, that’s awesome!

Congrats. That makes me want to hunt harder! Way to stay with it. Great example you are for us, thanks.

From: Hawkeye
If that isn't inspiring I don't know what is. Congrats Bob...wow!!

From: BigOk
Congrats to you sir!

From: Drahthaar
Awesome, and many more great hunts to come to you. Forrest

From: drycreek
That's great ! You must have taken better care of yourself than I did. I hope I'm still at it in 15 years......

From: Paul@thefort
a tip of the hat, from a 78 year old hunter. my best and long life. Paul

Great for you Bob!!

Nothing wrong with lowering your draw weight at all.


Good luck, Robb

You sir ,,are an inspiration to us all!! Congrats on your nice 10 pt,,my 52 year old self ate my tag,,again!!lol

From: JayG@work
Wow, Congrats Bob. I wish I could say the same thing, being a 57 year old old guy My neck is so messed up that this year I found I couldn't even pull my bow back at 55 lbs.. Good job and keep on going!

I'm feeling better already at 55. Thanks to you.

From: Keef
Congratulations. We old guys are proud of you. Keep it up.

Happy birthday and congratulations.

Love it! Keep at it young man.

From: lewis
Dad gum a big congrats from one that just turned 71 Hope to hear about the one you next yr and the next Lewis

From: Deertick
85! I'm impressed and inspired. Not only do you still hunt, but you're on Bowsite.

From: Bowboy
Congrats Bob. Age is just a number.

From: elkman52
Way to go Bob!your 20 years ahead of me,the desire to hunt keeps us young.Bowboy is right it's just a number!

From: Bowriter
I just hope I live that long. Good for you.

From: Thornton
Show us a pic!

I have to wait for one of my four bowhunting sons to come up and show me how to do the picture thing, Not only was I happy with this years deer, they had my 8 pointer from last year that they found the day after we left. Of course I was a lot younger when I got him (LOL)

From: Bou'bound
Inspirational. You are what it is supposed to be about.

From: RogBow
Terrific, congrats.

From: SteveD
Atta boy Bob!!!!!! Congrats to you and Happy Birthday!!!!

Congratulations and still having the desire, good news indeed.

Awesome. At 85 you have me by 13 years so that gives me a mark to keep going. Well done.

From: buc i 313
Congratulations Bob,

You are an inspiration for sure.

Comparatively, as a 74 yr old I feel like a "pup".

"keep on keepin' on"

From: INbowdude
Dang, I'm turning 59 in a few days. Congrats Bob.

From: Buffalo1
Congratulations- you are truly an inspiration to those younger and proof that bow weight does not have to be equal to age in order to hunt and kill you quarry.

Carry on !!

From: RutnStrut
That is truly inspirational. I'm 46 and whine about being old sometimes. I'll just shut up from now on;)

From: Sitting Bull
Way to go Bob. You're a great inspiration. My dad will be 80 next year and we'll have 3 generations bow hunting Fallow deer down here in Australia in April.

Genetics is such a big part of our life but taking care of yourself is right there too. Thanks for posting your “marker”!

From: Rut Nut
Good for you, Bob! I'm hoping I'm still BREATHING at 85! LOL! : )

From: jdee
Congrats !!! I'm going to help my 74 year old neighbor haul his calfs to the sale barn today he guided 2 bow hunters last Sept 2 rifle hunters and a muzzleloader hunter on elk hunts all on horse back and they all killed bulls. A tough old cowboy if there ever was one ! Hope you go to Kansas and kill a big one next year !

From: Amoebus
My pop (82) has a neighbor (91) who is still running a cattle farm. My pop just got back from our yearly trip to MT for mule deer and we also had a week long canoe trip in the Quetico this summer.

I suspect that NYBOB doesn't sit and watch TV the majority of the year...Congrats on the deer!

From: Franzen
Excellent. Congratulations sir on another fine accomplishment, and I hope you are blessed with many more to come.


From: jensbear

jensbear's embedded Photo
jensbear's embedded Photo
Here is the picture of my dads (NYBob) buck. The guy continues to amaze me. At 85 years young he is still showing his sons and grandson how to get it done. I guess all those 3D shoots in summer paid off! Congrats on your buck dad, great way to celebrate your 85th Birthday. See you next weekend for the late bow/muzzleoader weekend with the boys!

From: Bou'bound

That's awesome.

From: JTV
NYBob, going to 50lbs is much much better than lowering ones self respect and going to a crossgun ... My hat is off to you ..... Congrats .....

From: midwest
Hell, yeah!

From: BR Stinger
That's awesome Bob. Great to see! Congrats!

From: TD
Ya want to know what keeps folks after it like that when so many have given up long ago? Just look at that smile.... that's what does it. Pure, deep, passion and pleasure of the hunt. The fire still burns, you can see it. Pretty cool.

From: elkmtngear
Nice work Bob...keep after them, Sir !

Total stud right there!! .....Bob of course!

Congrats Bob, great that youre not only getting out there but that you’re going out of state on hunts as well. Very inspiring!!!

Utica, NY

Your dad is amazing John !!!! Way to go Bob...... you are an inspiration !!!!!

From: Kurt
Very cool!!! Congratulations and keep on going! Age is a number, and very little else if you still have desire.

Reminds me of an 85 year old gal who was ranching in NW CO in 2009. I had one of the those hard to get elk tags up her way and was camped and occasionally hunted on her place. I ran into a guy at her gate gate one day and he told me that Wanda had quit riding horses. I said "she must have quite riding this morning, as yesterday she had pushed a bunch of cows through my camp and later rode back for a good chat".

She was an amazing gal. A few years later a horse bucked her off.....she apparently died instantly, and undoubtably how an old cowgirl would want to go out.

From: petedrummond
Congrats im 70 tomorrow just a kid

It was a little rough out there today , nineteen and windy should have used the muzzle loader, to hard to pull the bow back so I packed in early. seven does and a spike that's here every day. illegal to shoot him though. All the boys will be up this weekend, hope it warms up'

From: Lefty
Keep it going My 89 year old FIL with my wife killed a 24 " mulie this year. Was with my nephew last year on a 350 bull elk. Assisted in my moose hunt 2 years ago. Helped with my daughters moose 5 years ago. Killed a desert sheep at 79

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