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So, Looking at a Mathews.
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From: Xbowdoctor95
So I was looking at either the Mathews Triax or the Halon 32. It would be used for Elk in CO and ID. And bear in Maine, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. And also whitetail. My question is, will the short length of the Triax cause inconsistent shots at longer range. Longer range being 40-50 yards. And on top of that, what do you imagine it would cost to order it with a custom string setup. I like some creativity and individualism lol. Anyone ever try that? I'd think my Mathews would have a built in Quiver, a custom string setup. Thoughts?

From: jdee
I used to own A short Z7EXTREME and I have a 30 inch draw. Could never get that bow to shoot good so after owning it for a year and a half I sold it and bought a longer ATA bow and was back on track !! At first I blamed myself but after having it tuned by 2 separate shops and putting on all good accessories I blame the short bow and long draw.... just didn't work for me . Had some shots at some great, close up , P&Y critters with it too. They're still roaming the woods. This bow is a Bow Tech Experience and has been a killing machine ! I don't know anything about the 2 bows your looking at, I haven't paid any attention to other bows since I bought this one but I do really feel the short ATA was my problem.

From: spike78
I’ve been looking at the Triax myself and shot it the other day at a shop and it was sweet. I don’t plan on shooting past 30 yards so should work for me. 50 yards maybe not so much.

From: carcus
I'm always preaching static yokes, the mathews are floating, no chance of yoke tuning! Get a bow with at least one static yoke, or even better get one that has top and bottom, pretty much narrows it down to bowtech or apa

I've shot a z7 extreme since it was new, I've killed WT consistently I've 50+ yards,,np,however,,,I am an archer,I shoot a 55# assenhimer recurve too,,,I shoot EVERY week,both bows ,VERY OFTEN,no matter what your choice is I really believe that really getting to know your bow by shooting it ALOT is a key factor in successful hunting,.I shoot at least no less than a few rounds 150 + days a year,I feel like my bow is a part of me when I pick it up...I love archery

Have no idea on custom stuff. But, I’d buy the one that felt best. The rest will fall in line behind that. FWIW, a 32 inch ata bow isn’t short by today’s standard and designs. God Bless

From: tradmt
People 'hunt' to distances double what you stated and fill tags.

I doubt there has been a compound sold in the last 20+ years that couldn't have a complete novice shooting softball size groups at 40 yards the first day.

So in other words, buy whatever is most quiet and feels good to you. Fit and confidence is everything.

From: 12yards
If I were an elk hunter I'd look for something lighter.

From: yooper89
Saved up some money and bought myself a Halon this past spring. Absolutely love the bow. It's a little heavier than some people seem to like but I think it helps with stability, personally. I don't plan on buying another bow for quite awhile now.

From: Xbowdoctor95
I know the Triax is lighter, however like I said. For an elk/deer/bear rig I think the Halon 32 fits the bill. I know it's a touch heavier. But, I wouldn't follow your usual guidelines on a backpacking trip. I'm also 6'4 200 lbs. So a LITTLE extra weight is no biggie when it comes to carrying around something I'm comfortable with. Elk I've heard are funny creatures. And a 50 yard shot isn't out of the question. And if I can't make that shot, it could mean all the difference. I'm comfortable in my shooting ability, but I know that in the mountains your heart is racing, your adrenaline is pumping and that also plays a factor. I'm in love with the Mathews and Hoyt lineup but I think a day at the archery range is in order!

From: Redheadtwo
Get the bow you want as-is then order a string/cable set from 60X custom strings.

From: thomas
the custom colors are no extra charge from Mathews or at least they never have been in the past. U simply order the color scheme of the string u want

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