Jackson County, WV is a sanctuary county
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Jim Casto Jr 04-Dec-17
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From: Jim Casto Jr

I know in this day and time many problems consume our society and some things may seem to be trivial by comparison. However as a landowner, longtime hunter, member of West Virginia Bowhunters Association, supporter of the Wounded Warrior Program and member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, a situation has come about that I feel has been absolutely dismissed without any meter of justice served to and for landowners and sportsman, nor has any regard been given to our natural wildlife resources. These are important issues to many of us.

Several weeks ago on a Sunday morning from an isolated area and prior to the opening of the deer firearms season, a fellow, we’ll call Poacher 1, accompanied by a guy we’ll call Poacher 2, crossed my family’s property without our permission with the intent of hunting illegally on our neighbors private ground which they also had no permission to be on.

They were caught in the act by our local DNR Law Enforcement officer and charged. They would later appear before Magistrate Jackie Casto in the Jackson County Courthouse.

Poacher 1 killed a TROPHY deer with a rifle out of season on property in Cottageville, WV. My understanding is that while the State of WV has a mandatory minimum fine of $1,000.00 for killing trophy deer out of season, Poacher 1 and Poacher 2 (who has previously been charged with poaching) were literally relieved of any responsibility for their actions and were allowed to retain their hunting license’s. It is my understanding that Poacher 1 was found guilty on the least possible charge and Poacher 2 had all charges dismissed against him. That’s right… no points off their license and no double fines for Poacher 2 as is mandated by current code.

Trespassing, hunting out of season, no written permission, poaching a trophy deer and allowed to maintain hunting license?

It is my understanding that these charges can be reinstated and appropriate reasonable penalties be accessed. I would implore the Prosecuting Attorney of Jackson County, Katie Franklin and Magistrate Jackie Casto to please review this situation and ask that, at least, some semblance of justice be served to the landowners and sportsmen of Jackson County. We have all been violated and there should be some consequences for it—don’t you think?

From: Jim Casto Jr
I would encourage those you who visit other forums and use Facebook to please copy and post the OP on as many forums as possible. The "word" needs to get out about this situation. Perhaps it will minimize the possibility of it happening in your back yard.

Perhaps a call or email to the magistrate and prosecuting attorney's offices would be helpful too.

Magistrate Jackie Casto: jackie.casto@courtswv.gov (304) 373-2313

Prosecuting Attorny Katie Frankilin: katie.franklin@jacksoncountywv.com (304) 373-2270

From: JTV
names of the "poachers" would help ..

From: Treeline
That certainly would not be the case here in Colorado. Unless the poacher was the former head of CPW...

From: elkstabber
Sadly the judges in the eastern states don't prosecute wildlife crimes seriously. Maybe the abundance of deer makes them less valuable in the minds of the judges?

Name the poachers Jim!!! If you want to stand strong,,and I agree 100% throw it out there buddy,,,for ALL TO SEE!!

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