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Sick of being cold on stand?
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From: David A.
Try this vest with the 12 hr. or longer lasting large hand warmers.

Dump the ice packs. Seems the manufacturer is unaware of how awesome this vest is for cold weather. I don't suggest wearing it next to the skin or a very thin base core as you will be too hot even in freezing temps.

I also use the long last large hand warmers under my cap, around neck, in booties, etc. on extremely cold days . Buy in bulk and they are about .50/ea.

From: ohiohunter

ohiohunter's Link

From: oldgoat
I use the Gerbing Battery operated heater vest. It's awesome and I can recharge battery on inverter plugged into cigarette lighter of my truck, think it's advertised for six hours on low setting. And I cycle it on and off to conserve battery even more. Cabela's sells a battery for it with a remote control that I think is rated for even longer run time

From: Hh76
I just sewed a couple of pockets into an old long sleeved t shirt.

I also use a Milwaukee heated vest. Works great for days when you are walking and sitting off and on.

I have the Gerbing vest with a spare battery and love it, I also have heated insoles for my boots and rechargeable hand warmers. I wear the vest over my base layers. With a lot of layers I've lasted all day with temps around zero, but when it's that cold I hunt from a ground blind.

last year I borrowed my friends heater body suit, put it on my pack frame and left to hunt,,,, should have taken his advice, and dress lighter, once I put this on, I was toasty warm all day,,,,,, wish I had one

From: linehunter
Heater body suit, pee bottle and books and podcasts on iTunes and I can sit for days.

this^ heater body suit....been using them for years

From: APauls
Around here I can't seem to find heat packs for under $1.67 a piece. Using 8 in a vest that would cost me $15 per sit after tax. It's well below freezing at the beginning of November already, so if I started with that then and sat 10 days I'd be into it for $150/year just in heat packs not considering the cost of the vest itself. Plus I picture it being fairly heavy and lumpy once loaded. I hate spending money on things that are gone in a day, and heat warmers are one of those things. I'd rather spend more for a great piece of clothing that lasts. Just my opinion.

From: DB999
For the Gerbing vest people.... can you review it for me? Everyone seems happy but is battery life as advertised? is the battery bulky or heavy? any other negatives?

Thanks in advance

From: YZF-88
+10 on the Heater Body Suit. They are great. I really liked the cold days. Weeded out some of the hunters.

From: DB999
The reason I like the idea of the vest is for skiing on top of hunting. I've been in a heater body suit before and those are awesome for waterfowl and bow hunting i'm sure (haven't sat in a stand in one)

From: David A.
Paul, well food is expendable, too. Try Amazon and 'em in bulk and you can get them for half of that. It's not expensive for a week or two or even longer compared to a tank or two of gas. I've tried the battery vests, and they don't get warm enough or last long enough for a full day sit, IMO. I don't like body suits because when the moment of truth is there, I think there is too great a chance of making noise. With a rifle, not a problem.

I think passive heat like this beats even the warmest of jackets if you get cold easy. It's a real pleasure actually to have active heat when it is really cold.

Try the new PNUMA heated vest. i think its awesome

as far as rating the Gerbing vest goes it works as advertised and the battery life is as advertised as well, I have two batteries and the weight is not bad at all, I seldom need more than on for the day, using it on the low setting and not turning it on until I get chilled.

From: kota-man
When it gets REALLY cold up here, Gerbing is my friend. A Gerbing vest and my Sitka Incinerator suit and I can sit through about anything.

From: spikehorn
Gerbings vest the best! Have hunted with it in Alberta -30 and stayed toasty warm, this year it was only - 10 with wind, got a little cold with the wind but stayed on stand all day.

From: Ned
ahh, how do you get into the heater body suit while in a treestand? Especially a lone wolf, it's kinda small.

From: drycreek
Y'all better be careful about them electronic gizmos, the ethics po-leese will show up any time ! :-)

From: David A.
Well, I have a Gebring and extra batteries for sale...I'm not using it because the method I described is better, IMO.

From: JTV
Layers and windproof clothing ... good bibs(Predator Ambush/Fall Gray) and I dont need electric gizmos ...... good disposable hand warmers in a hand muff and toe warmers in a good 1600 gram pac boot ... I'm good to 0 ....

From: maxracx
Another vote for the Heater Body Suit. Got one earlier this year and love it. It can be a challenge to put on in a stand but once you get used to it, it is pretty easy.

From: David A.
Wouldn't want to be in a heater body suit when a buck of a lifetime comes in at 15 yds.

From: 5575
Warmbag and Iwom work great with my arms out and my bow hanging from a hanger right in front of me when its cold because you can barely move a muscle let alone shed a big insulated garment.

Or you could hang a coffee can, below the stand, use a fuel canister, light it, put a wool blanket over your legs, you will be toasty

From: duvall
you bunch of snowflakes :)

From: Bake
I'm with APauls on this one. I usually log at least 30, usually closer to 40, hunts between November 1 and the end of our season on Jan. 15. Just for whitetails. Then I do probably another 20-30 hunts between deer season ending and the end of March for coyotes.

If it's under 40 degrees on any of these hunts, I wear the Gerbing vest, and adjust my top layers accordingly.

So using Apauls math for this vest, just for deer hunting alone, that would be at least $450 for heat packs, at the least. My Gerbing vest cost me $150 I believe. I did buy extra battery too, for $30. I believe I've had the Gerbing since 2013 or 2014.

Kind of a no-brainer

From: APauls
I need to look at one of these Gerbing vests.

From: Bob
Arrow tell us about your pnuma ? Thanks bob

From: Shiloh
I live in Ms, but to be honest, I’m interested in the Gerbing. Any particular model you guys recommend. It seems that there are a few choices.

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