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Turkeys moving off
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bow only 04-Dec-17
drycreek 04-Dec-17
jims 04-Dec-17
The last savage 04-Dec-17
From: bow only
We had a lot of turkeys early season now sense mid November they vanished! still have cut corn plenty of food and cover and minimal hunting pressure??

From: drycreek
Only a turkey knows what's it's gonna do, and sometimes I think even they don't know.

From: jims
What state are you talking about? In Nebraska where I hunt the turkeys often wander 20 to 30 miles from winter to late spring/nesting areas. Think like a turkey and you may be able to find them. Where would they have shelter and food during the winter months? What food do they concentrate on in the winter?

I had so many Turkey's roosting around me in Illinois ,as I climbed up into my stand 2nd to last day,a turkey refused to fly out,in the tree I was in. ,instead tortured me for 2 hrs ,I know they aided to my tag soup!!! Bastards......perhaps,your birds crossed the

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