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From: BigOk
Has anyone ever used limbs from a fake Christmas tree to brush in homemade blinds. I have an elevated blind I built for my daughter to start hunting with me this past summer. We have an old tree that needs to be thrown away and I had an idea. Would be easy to attach the "fake" branches around the window openings and could easily bend them to any position needed. Just an idea but wanted others opinions, not sure if they would fall apart being outside in the elements quickly?

From: caribou77
Yes. And they last for many many years!

From: t-roy
Caribou77 X2. Keep your eyes open along the curbside after Christmas. Oftentimes lots of freebies sitting there for the taking.

From: Bob
Dave, That should work great if your hunting in the middle of the christmas section of walmart. Ha ! Seriously sounds like a good idea that will last. Bob

I grew up in poverty,,,my mothers SILVER Christmas tree,from the rescue mission wouldn't have blended well,,,unless I was hunting a guardrail RUB line....that said,,heck yea

From: Drop Tine
Shhhhhh, dang it now the after Christmas finds will harder to come by as more people know about it.

Thank god you didn’t tell them about the solar panels, battery, and inverter to light up the lights at night to make it easier to find your stand in the dark.

From: PECO
I've thought about taking it a step further and setting a few of them up in a circle to use as a ground blind.

From: TrapperKayak
You could try a couple lighted deer for decoys too, a Rudolph and a doe, maybe. You might lure in Vixen or Donner for a quick shot before they see you behind the tree... ;)

From: South Farm
Probably work, but who has that much extension cord??

From: BigOk
Thanks for the laughs guys!

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