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Good humor in Jan/Feb Bowhunting Mag
Whitetail Deer
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12yards 06-Dec-17
Jaquomo 06-Dec-17
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12yards 06-Dec-17
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From: 12yards
Bowhunting Mag ranked MN the #1 whitetail bowhunting state in the nation. Imagine how dumb I feel now. For the past 26 years I haven't been able to wait to leave the state in November to go find good whitetail hunting in other neighboring states. I should have just stayed home! I really have to LOL at this article. I wonder if the author has ever hunted here.

From: Jaquomo
I don't know about "Bowhunting" but Tony Peterson, the Equipment Editor for "Bowhunter' sure seems to kill great bucks around the Twin Cities every year. Didn't Miles Keller kill a bunch of great bucks in MN too?

What was the criteria for ranking it #1?

From: South Farm
The same Tony Peterson that took over Clancy's "Whitetails" column in Outdoor News?? Everything I read and have seen from him seems to be runt bucks shot across the border. If he's shot anything big around the cities I must've missed it, but I could be wrong.

Myles killed a ton of big ones back in the day, but it's been a while. I think once upon a time he held the record for most P&Y bucks taken by an individual hunter.

I've lived and hunted Minnesota most my life, all over the state, and although there's a handful of really nice bucks taken annually the hey days of true monsters are nostalgia, BUT...the potential and genetics remains IF a few things would change...namely the super stupid timing of our gun hunt! I wouldn't even care if they said NO HUNTING for even bowhunters during the rut, that's fair, but move the damn dates already. We'd see an instant and huge improvement in the quality and quantity of mature bucks.

Anyway, bottom line, Minnesota is maybe top 10, but #1?? I don't think so..

From: 12yards
1. Percentage of P&Y bucks. 2. Percentage of B&C bucks. 3. Percentage of deer harvest using archery equipment. 4. Cost of a Non-Resident Outfitted Hunt. 5. Percentage of public land. 6. How friendly the state is to bowhunters.

Myles Keller killed some dandies,,,, any way good for them,,,, every one should go there, great state, have a gun season during the rut,,,, that is exceptional,,,, hunt the far north, the wolves have devastated that area, my friend lives up there,,,, so I think they are referring to the SE corner, part of the tri angle, which I agree, produces great bucks.....

fratzke new that 30 years ago...... I am sure that the magazine guy was hunting some private prime property, which is what that magazine is about any way,,,,,

As far as Tony Peterson, one of the best writers I have seen in a long time,,,, one of the few left, that know what they are doing on their own,,,,, That guy is hard core, got to be pretty sharp, carries the Millenium M7, than you know he is a mobile guy

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