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Sensitivity of trigger
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NIson 06-Dec-17
Pyrannah 06-Dec-17
x-man 06-Dec-17
Cocoon Man 06-Dec-17
RJ Hunt 06-Dec-17
From: NIson
I currently shoot a Scott sabertooth release and have been reading a lot on back tension on release. I have in the past suffered from Target panic. Was wondering if setting the trigger to a stiffer setting would help with learning to shoot more with back tension? Was thinking maybe it would cause me to keep pulling through the shot instead of slapping the trigger.

From: Pyrannah
You need to develop a surprise release in order to eliminate TP and keep it away. A heavy trigger is very important in developing that technique.

Good luck

From: x-man
It might, but maybe not the way you think. I try to coach shooters with this kind of release to shorten the release as much as possible so you can wrap the second knuckle comfortably around the trigger. Then, instead of moving your finger to release, relax your hand and wrist to the point of it almost "slipping" through the wrist strap. This will bring your entire hand back instead of just your trigger finger.

All the while burning a hole in the target aiming point with your focus.

From: Cocoon Man
Nslon, I have been shooting a Scott saber tooth also, set it as heavy as I could still way to light. I recently bought as Carter like Mike which can be set up to 5 pounds. Just started shooting with it, I started out at 3.5lbs and put some trigger pressure with my second knuckle and do what x-man said. I have since lightened it up to 2lb 12 oz. working good. I had some trouble at first my mind thinking it should go off when its floating and when it does not I would flinch every once in a while. Like dropping the hammer on a empty chamber, tells you still have some TP. When I trigger it with back tension its money.

From: RJ Hunt

RJ Hunt's embedded Photo
RJ Hunt's embedded Photo
Just buy one of these and be done with it. Shoot it all year then a month before season use your regular trigger release and you will be an aiming pro.

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