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Scent crusher bag
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hitmanatgym 07-Dec-17
Charlie Rehor 07-Dec-17
BDA 07-Dec-17
ohiohunter 07-Dec-17
bumpinblaze4x4 07-Dec-17
JSW 07-Dec-17
From: hitmanatgym
Wondering how many of you have Scent Crusher bags? Do you feel as though you can get all of your gear in? I am strongly considering purchasing one.

I have one and just use it for the gear I'll be using that day. When I'm hunting I'm usually gone for a month or two so my big bag has the majority of my clothing.

From: BDA
I purchased one this year. My only concern with it is the space. I was using it for just my clothes that had skin contact. From my understanding, ozone works best with most of the clothing having the ability to contact the ozone. If you pack the bag tight, this prevents the ozone from contacting all areas of the clothes. So, I don't pack a bunch of clothes in my bag and I actually shake or roll my bag several times during the "cleaning process" in an attempt to enable the ozone to contact as much of the clothing as possible. I'm not sure if it works better than just letting it sit, but it makes me feel more confident. I had a great experience with my bag and ozonics device this year. I BELIEVE!!!

From: ohiohunter
BDA, a lot of base layers have elastic of some sort in them. Have you noticed any deterioration? I know my buddy's first lite suspenders took a crap due to ozone, I also know ozone is what destroys rubber boots. I've used an ozone generator in my house and it cost me a few diaphragms.

I've used my large scent crusher duffel for two years now. Personally if i were to do it again i would buy a different high quality, large duffel bag and an ozone generator on amazon. The scent crusher duffel leaves alot to be desired and the zippers are week. My first bag lasted one season and even though they replaced it, i'm thinking of ditching the bag but using the ozone generator in a new bag. I'm far from sold on Ozone at this point but i have not had any gear deterioration at this point from ozone. I also only use the ozone every few days and do not put clothes that have been warn back into the bag.

From: JSW
I used one this year and I really like it. The instructions do warn you about damage to latex and rubber so I don't put longjohn bottoms in it. It certainly takes odor away from your clothes. Does it keep deer from smelling you, probably not, but I'm a firm believer in doing everything within reason to minimize your scent. The harder I work at it, the better luck I have in fooling those deer that are almost down wind. The less you stink the smaller the cone of odor you emit. Of all the gadgets out there, this is one I will recommend.

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