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Article: Land access Crazies Mountains
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LUNG$HOT 07-Dec-17
Highllainsdrifter 07-Dec-17
PushCoArcher 07-Dec-17
Dogman 07-Dec-17
Highllainsdrifter 09-Dec-17
Seems like a long ongoing fight for public land access! I wonder if RMEF has any dog in this fight? If not they should IMO!

In Montana the county attorney’s refuse to do their job when it comes to access. That’s why we have these access problems on publicly owned roads.

From: PushCoArcher
I've been following this story on the hunt talk forum. Sad deal not only are we losing our access to public land but some private landowners are turning a profit by blocking public access.

From: Dogman
The sob’s closing roads should be held accountable for blocking off public access. When these guys lose in court and the public wins there are no repercussions. Absolutely criminal.

They get to block legal access and the public out while the local county attorneys refuse to prosecute

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