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Learning Curve with Thumb Release?
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Ny308Hunter 07-Dec-17
Scrappy 07-Dec-17
dmann 07-Dec-17
molsonarcher 07-Dec-17
Chuckster 07-Dec-17
Bob H in NH 07-Dec-17
From: Ny308Hunter
Hey all, curious question here. I see a lot more hunters switching from wrist-strap type releases to thumb releases. I'm intrigued. My father shoots one, and seems to like it but he's more of a 3-d shooter with his, and hunts with a trigger type. Is there a huge learning curve to one of these? Not really into the whole back tension thing, rather just a thumb trigger. I don't wanna make the switch mid-season to one if it's going to be a huge curve. What are you experiences with them? Namely looking at the TRU Ball hunter series. I like the Caliper series a little more than the Fang, but if you have more input that would be appreciated. Thanks!

From: Scrappy
I have and love my sport hogg whipper snapper closed jaw. As far as a learning curve goes I would say a week of daily shooting and you would feel like a natural. But with that said I wouldn't do it during the season cause when that buck fever is kicking you have to rely on instincts to get you through . That in my option only comes from long term muscle memory.

From: dmann
I don't remember it being too difficult to transition. Been using one for almost 10 years now. Really depends on the release you get, and you'll have to get used to anchoring slightly different.

From: molsonarcher
I too use the spot hogg whippersnapper. Not much different after a few shooting sessions. I switched because I like the fact you can leave it attached to your string loop, and it puts pressure on all 4 fingers, instead of your wrist.

From: Chuckster
I made the switch 3 years ago to a Tru-Ball Edge and never looked back. My forearm actually feels more natural because the back of my hand is up against my face. My groups got a little better too. What intrigued me was most of the 3D guys were using them. BTW, took me about 6-8 shots to get used to it.

From: Bob H in NH
I've shot them on 2 bows. One o could switch back and forth, the other o had to change the peep height or my anchor, both of which messed up the sites

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