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West Texas Aoudad or Pigs
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TravisScott 12-Dec-17
Zebrakiller 13-Dec-17
From: TravisScott
I’ll be heading to Albuquerque at the end of January for a few weeks and would like to try and sneak in a few hunts on my weekends. I was wondering first off if anyone had any info on a trespass fee DIY hunt for Aoudad. My budget would be around 1k. If that budget seems way short does anyone have any recommendations for a pig hunt in the same region. I’d be willing to travel to central Texas if need be but obviously the closer I can get to the border the easier the logistics would be. Thanks in advance for any advice.

From: Zebrakiller
Travis im sure you can do pigs and javi, for that budget but aoudad I dont think so, I will pm you a friends number he may know something

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