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Bears North Carolina
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Cutthroat 15-Dec-17
Overland 15-Dec-17
Redheadtwo 15-Dec-17
Bou'bound 16-Dec-17
Backpack Hunter 16-Dec-17
spike buck 16-Dec-17
Rayzor 20-Dec-17
Drahthaar 20-Dec-17
The last savage 22-Dec-17
wild1 22-Dec-17
From: Cutthroat
A friend and me want to hunt very large bears in eastern NC in Nov 2018 (I don't think that they have a Spring season). Does anyone have any experience/comments on past experiences with outfitters? Could someone suggest a good recommendation?

Thanks, Mike

From: Overland
Sent you a PM.

From: Redheadtwo
Why Eastern? The Western area in the mountains has some big bears

From: Bou'bound
shoot em in the corn.

Eastern NC bears are much bigger on average.

From: spike buck
I was in North Carolina last week, Burnsville, with some old bear hunting buddies. We were hunting Eastern TN. mountains near Erwin. AWESOME time hunting with the hounds!!

From: Rayzor
Eastern NC bears are some of the largest in the World. They typically don't hibernate just eat year round. World Record is from there. (864# if I recall). There are lots of bears too. I have seen large groups of bears in the clover and crop fields in the evenings when I'm in the area for business or hunting. I've never hunted bears there but I've seen them while deer or pig hunting on each the several trips I've hunted there. I personally wear snake boots. Cottonmouths are a common site near about any water in teh area. Some Copperheads and Canebrake/Timber Rattlers too. Even though there are a lot of crop fields, the woods are THICK beyond imagine. Have good brush clothes and leather gloves for tracking and you may want to take saftey glasses if you don't wear glasses. Yes its that thick. I'd be a bit surprised if there were many places that catered to bow hunters there so that is a question you will definitely want to ask. I had a tough time deer and hog hunting for the same reason.

From: Drahthaar
I live in eastern N.C. Hyde county. Rayzor is close on the weight of the largest bear , It was 884lbs, a lot have been killed 760 lbs, and down I can hook you up with a couple different outfitters if you want. PM me and I will give you names and numbers. Forrest

Yea my buddy's friend in eastern nc had cam pics of a 500 lb bruiser...never saw him on the paw though ....

From: wild1
The inner banks of NC has the largest, on average, black bears in the world - the average kill is north of 400lbs.!!

The downside, be prepared to pay a lot more for an outfitted hunt, like in the 6-7k range.

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