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CABLE Guard State of Art
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Bou'bound 16-Dec-17
walks with a gimp 16-Dec-17
smarba 18-Dec-17
Beaveralum 18-Dec-17
From: Bou'bound
What is the true state of the art with a cable guard system. Seem like every manufacturer has a different twist to this component on the bow and even by brand it changes every year.

Is there truly any better system out there or are they all basically functionally the same and it really is just a point of irrelevant differentiation vs. a technological innovation that adds value.

I've made a couple models of what is currently "the norm" for a few manufactures today, before they did. A picture of one of them made it to the internet and I promptly got a call from one of the manufactures. If a torque canceling or altering cable guard is not on your bow, it should be. They make a big difference on shooting broadheads out of your bow.

From: smarba
Funny thing is my first bow was a Martin Impala ~1996. It had a very thin aluminum cable guard that flexed a LOT. It unintentionally created a torque-canceling effect because as the bow was drawn the guard flexed nearly to center, then it sprung to normal position in plenty of time for the fletching to clear the cables. Was pretty cool actually, although at the time I had no idea it was so cutting edge.

From: Beaveralum

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