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New Mexico Deer - Unit 36
Mule Deer
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From: BG
I drew this archery tag and hunted for about 7-8 days in September, which was my 1st attempt at mule deer hunting. It was a tough hunt, saw about 10 bucks but was never able to get within bow range. My son, who doesn't have a tag, is a senior in high school this year really wants me to take him NM to camp, hike etc. for a few days on his Christmas break. We're planning on leaving TN and driving out on 12/27 and do some hiking / scouting. I saw some cool country during September. I enjoyed the hike up to Nogal Peak, the Monjeau Peal Fire tower and we also hunted at Fort Stanton and saw the petroglyphs along the river. I'm thinking about taking him to some of these spots while we are scouting around. I'm thinking about camping/scouting in the area around Bonito lake. I plan to hunt January 1st -3rd.

A couple of questions: (1) Any other scenic sites that we should try to visit on our trip? (2) As far as scouting for the 2-3 days that I'm going to get to hunt, should I focus on the Bonito Lake area or try to check out some of the NF land closer to town?

Thanks for any info that you can provide.


From: Coyote 65
Lincoln NF is where Smokey the Bear came from and they have a little museum there. Cloudcroft is a good place to go and there is a hike to a RR trestle that makes for good photo opportunity. White Sands is also not too far.


From: jdee
They are working on Bonita lake right now, big equipment and workers all day. They are digging all the silt out of the lake from the run off because of the Little Bear fire . I spend a lot of time riding in 36 and there are deer but seems like any good bucks are in town these days eating in peoples yards. You should take your boy over to the town of Lincoln....Billy the kids old stomping grounds, cool little western town with a lot of old west history. Go check out the Inn Of The Mountain Gods. It's a big casino and restaurants but has a big long zip line (if it is open now) and you can go to their hunting headquarters and see some of the elk mounts they have on display....Impressive ! I would even take the 50 mile drive to the White Sands National Park in Alamogordo you can drive through it or get out and walk around . From Alamogordo take 70 east to 82 east to Cloudcroft scenic drive and another cool little western town. Then 244 through the Mescalero Res. back to hwy 70 to Ruidoso.

From: ohiohunter
What are your camping arrangements? Rui in sept vs jan is night and day!

When you were in Ft Stanton you were a stones throw away from Capitan, the Smokey the Bear museum is there. The Mescalero hunting lodge area is jaw dropping.

From: BG
Ohiohunter - We are hoping to tough is out in a tent but I'm watching the weather closely to see if that is doable.

Thanks for the information on the surrounding area. That gives me some things to check out.

From: splitlimb13
Born and raised here in n.m. I am usually in the wilderness in most cases. So even a camping trailer is a huge luxury for me. This is not my style but I drew 36 I'd be staying at a hotel,and hunting as close to town as possible. Find the public in between sub divisions and you'll kill one.

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