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Lighted Nocks- other then Nockturnal?
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Hunt98 20-Dec-17
Griz34 20-Dec-17
boothill 20-Dec-17
oldgoat 20-Dec-17
JLeMieux 21-Dec-17
medicinemann 21-Dec-17
skipmaster1 21-Dec-17
eddie c 21-Dec-17
JL 21-Dec-17
Too Many Bows Bob 21-Dec-17
bowhunter55 21-Dec-17
oldrecurveman 22-Dec-17
Rut Nut 22-Dec-17
Buglmin 22-Dec-17
stick slinger 28-Dec-17
Sling Shot 28-Dec-17
redclub 28-Dec-17
ground hunter 28-Dec-17
johnw 29-Dec-17
Beendare 29-Dec-17
From: Hunt98
I researched lighted nocks last year. I went with Nocturnal and I’ve used them for two seasons. I’ve had issues with them coming on by themselves (without being shot). I’ve also had an issue finding the correct size to fit my GF arrows. I called Nocturnal and tried the one that they recommended for her arrow. It didn’t fit. I read reviews about the universal size but it didn’t sound that good of a review.

I’m looking for a lighted Nock that doesn’t turn on by itself, is reliable and turns off easily.

What are some of the better lighted nocks out there?

From: Griz34
I'm interested in this too. The older nockturnals worked great, I used the new ones this year and had the same problems.

From: boothill
I've been using the original Nock Out lighted nocks for a couple years. I like the practice collar so can shoot without them lighting up all the time.

From: oldgoat
Yeah, Knock-Outs for me too, the nocks are easier to adjust tightness on the string too. I'm in no way impressed with the supposedly new and improved nockturnals

From: JLeMieux
There used to be a small company called 2 Guys and a Bow, or something like that. They made some great lighted nocks but I guess they aren't in business anymore?

From: medicinemann

From: skipmaster1
I love Firenocks. More money up front but $10 upgrades/replace/size change. The battery and nock is replaceable. Great customer service and great reliability

From: eddie c
i had problems with my nocturnals not having a tight fit. I put a plastic shopping bag over the hole and push the nock in, tight fit. trimmed the excess.

From: JL
X3 on the Clean Shot Nock Outs. Been using them for quite a while. I too like the collar idea. I use the green light ones. It's easier for my eyes to follow the arrow as it goes downrange. The arrows are Gold Tip Pro's.

I've tried several and won't use anything but Nockturnals. Luminocks are "iffy" and some of the others were less than reliable. So I only use the Nockturnals.

Why try to improve on something that works all the time?


From: bowhunter55
I've used Nockturnals for years, when they were good(old style) and the crappy ones after they were changed. I use the Ignitor lighted nocks now and love them. No issues what so ever. The only thing is that I had to cut the back of my arrow 3/4" to allow for the nock insert. The inserts become permanent as they are epoxied on. No prob cause I cut my own arrows. They don't clog up with blood, they last unbelievably long, easy to turn off and they have no effect on arrow flight or speed what so ever. I use them on my Easton Injexion FMJs. They're awesome.

+1 on the IGNITOR nocks . . . I am not much for hi-tech stuff but I bought some of these to install on arrows for my son to shoot with his compound bow. Last year he bought some Luminocks and had a lot of trouble fussing around with turning them off. You have to insert a small wire into a hole, etc.. The IGNITOR nocks are so simple and you can leave the battery / light insert out for practicing. I found a couple of sellers on EBAY that were selling them in multiple lots at great prices & sometimes with free shipping. They come in 2 colors, I believe Red and Green.

From: Rut Nut
LOVED the OLD Nocturnals! But the new ones are complete Garbage! New ones have trouble staying on my string and/or light prematurely. NEVER had this problems with the old design!

Don't know why companies insist on changing a good design! : (

Thanks for the heads up on the IGNITORS! Looks like a great design and will ALSO solve my problem of blood in the nocks with the Nocturnals. Will be replacing my lighted nocks with IGNITORS for next season!

From: Buglmin
Firenocks!! The best lighted nock on the market. And the customer service is top notch and the lights just don't fail, period!! And they have so many options for you to choose from. A quick call to them and they will tell you exactly what you need.

Has anyone tried cheap knock-off lighted nocks that is willing to admit it? I was looking on eBay and see you can get them for a couple dollars or less. Looks like people are buying them, but minimal reviews. I’m not one to tinker much (or spend much), but would like to try some. Any experience with low end lighted nocks.

From: Sling Shot
Another vote for Firenocks. They are the best. I really like the blinking option for hunting. It stays on during the shot then goes into a blinking mode. I shot my elk in New Mexico on Monday the 11th and it was still blinking when I got home on Saturday the 16th.

From: redclub
Firenocks are in a class by themselves but pricey

for my recurve and compound I use Nocturnals I love them,,,,, for my cross bow its lumenocs, since I buy their arrows,,,,, they are the brightest

From: johnw
Ive used the nockturnals, out of a three pack I usually have found one doesn't always work but the others seem to work fine. I shot one live this year and it fell right out of the arrow that hit my elk, never did find the nock.

From: Beendare
Guys like the old nockturnals???

Not me, too weak. They cost me a layup shot on a hog- sounded like my bow exploded. Plus i had a couple break when practicing with them. They have since beefed them up but i havent tried them since.

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