Even Vegetarians Get Hungry for Meat....
Whitetail Deer
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From: GF
Nothin’ new!

But Elk are kinder - they only nip the wings off of hatchlings, because they don’t want to kill the chicks! They just need the calcium.

I’ve watched swans attack a Canada Goose nest and gulp down the goslings, too - that was a territorial dispute, but definitely predation.

I will admit that it was very new to me! I did see several articles online then that it certainly happens, just never knew it....

From: Matt
I watched an elk eat a chipmunk once - was the oddest thing.

From: LKH
Threw bone, skin, and overcooked meat from one of those little diners out behind the camper in OR one year. Mule deer doe came in and crunched it all up. Scared her off a couple times just going out, but she returned until it was all gone.

From: midwest
The thread title reminded me of this

Hahaha. That one is a classic, midwest....

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