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Arrow Spine/Straightness
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Cornpone 25-Dec-17
Pat Lefemine 25-Dec-17
WV Mountaineer 25-Dec-17
WapitiBob 25-Dec-17
From: Cornpone
After replying to the thread "Which arrow for 2018" I got to thinking. Has anyone ever used a Hooter Shooter or equivalent to test arrow POI vs. straightness specs for various manufacturers' arrows?

From: Pat Lefemine
No. But I have run certain arrows through a spine tester. Depending on the make and quality of arrow the variation in spine can be shocking.

Carbon can be very erratic in spine. I’ve read that It can be suspetible to spine variations across the face of the shaft depending on the make and quality. I don’t know about that one but, I’ve read it many times and the guys making that claim sure seemed to have the equipment and done the test to say so.

As far as thousandths of straightness, I doubt that matters much for hunting stuff. I’m certain it does in certain situations and, with certain shooters that have unique ability.

I’ve never been one of those guys so, if it spins true, I shoot it. And, I buy American made shafts with a reputable name to minimalize the spine variations through the dozen. It’s been working fine for 30 years so, I don’t intend to change. I simply don’t worry about it after that. God Bless

From: WapitiBob
I know guys who have, that make their living shooting a bow. You won't see .003". The best use of a hooter shooter is to spine tune your arrows.

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