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Whitetail Deer
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From: Buffalo1
So after the "chase phase" of the rut is over, and the serious part of the rut occurs, the "breeding phase" and the bucks have got the does in the thickets to breed; what is your strategy for hunting the bucks? It appears that deer movement is all but still, but nature is really in process for the next crop of fawns.

From: Pigsticker
Hunt thick cover entry and exit trails. Gun hunting I had good success hun hunting with all day sits watching CRP like openings amazingly the deer used them for bedding even when hunting pressure was heavy. Often the deer would stand up at some point during the day to feed, readjust, or take a whizz.

From: TMA1010
I'm not sure if you're asking for next season or what's going on right now, because (at least in Illinois) lock-down is a good month behind us. Right now it's time to get out in the winter food plots. Last night I went out and had a sit where I saw what was likely the most deer I've seen in one hunt all season, I wouldn't be surprised if I there were 50 deer that came into my 2 acres of standing beans and additional acre of brassicas. It was a pretty good mix of all age class of bucks and too many does to keep straight.

That will be my approach for the rest of the season, hunting my winter food plots on the edges of the timber where I can sneak in without bothering anything. The tough part is sneaking out without getting caught. With the seriously cold weather we're having this week I expect the deer will be up feeding early every afternoon. Seems to be the best approach at this stage of the game.

The phases of the rut are real but, it is incorrect to think that it is orchestrated across the herd. For every buck that has a doe "locked down", there are 3 others that don't. And, they are looking. So hunt cover where you find the doe's. That's your best odds. To me it is that simple. Yes, sometimes it is going to be slow. But, that;s the way it is during peak breeding. No way around it. God Bless men

From: Bowriter
I have stands that are in those "safety" places. It would hard to see much over 30-yards from any of them. They are hunted only during these "lock down", phases and almost totally between 8-AM and 3-PM. Also, they are in place at least a month before our season opens and I never go near them.

From: antlerman
Food, Food, Food, is the key to finding bucks this time of year. They have lost so much weight and they know the have to put it back on to survive. I agree on hunting the edges and being gentle not to educate the old does. I will spend evenings setting in dumb spots just to watch from afar to watch patterns and observe who's hanging out with the ladies eating all the beans and corn they can.

Most bucks in late winter know the does will come in few and far between so they hang out on the out skirts just to keep in check with the ole nose. That's why you'll see 25 does feeding in one field and 4-8 bucks feeding 3-5 hundred yards away in the other end of the field. Bucks will drop their guard on the wind game this time of year just to keep their belly's full. If time allows burn a few sets in the evening observing and then move in for a kill.

My 2 best bucks were Jan 8th and 12th. I agree it's a frustrating time of year but I enjoy the not seeing all the hunters out as well. The woods is getting more absent this time of year by the rookies. That's what I like!!!!

From: Genesis
Post rut leaves me really looking hard for fresh hardwood rubs that coincide with perpendicular travel .Mature bucks are looking for does that got missed or fawns coming in but take time out to reestablish dominance with the other bucks.If a food source is available to help bring a doe by that's all th.e better

.Intrarut lockdown while statistically will play a factor in the amount of movement I never allow it change anything I do.Who knows what buck is searching at the moment?

CONFIDENCE is key in post rut imo...getting down early is tempting with the lack of activity and does show up in wads.

From: JLeMieux
Depending on what part of Ms the OP is from, his rut may be in full swing.

From: Buffalo1

Great point, I'm hunting NE MS and the rut is in "hard core breed stage." Food is not a concern at this point of the game. Sex is the focal point and bucks are bedded with does and those bucks not bedded and not showing themselves during hours of light. I'm simply seeking some input on suggestions on how to hunt during this phase/activity time of the rut. I'm trying to do internet brainstorming. Hopefully to rethink and get out my hunting patterns and doldrums. Tks

From: drycreek
Mississippi rut where Greg hunts is about like our STexas rut. While ours is over in ETexas, the STexas rut is cranked.

I think WV's post is spot on. Sometimes it's just a matter of putting in your time. Even during the "lockdown", there will always be bucks cruising. This is the only time I will do a little bind calling or rattling.

From: Genesis
Greg,I misread your post.In the peak of the rut where most lockdown occurs I like edges of doe bedding cover and hunt this cover as long as the wind .stays good.Sorry for the post rut answer

From: Michael
I have always had great luck hunting travel corridors.

The buck I shot this year was on Nov 15th which is peak breeding for the Midwest. Things were very slow for me from the nov 7th till the 15th. Definetly had plenty of bucks locked down.

If you grind it out in a good area your patience will be rewarded.

Keep in mind a buck locked down today won’t be tomorrow or the next day and he will be on the prowl again.

From: craig@work
Food, preferably one with lots of does and relatively secluded.

From: Buffalo1
Appreciate the everyones input, guess Im just looking for something magical to happen that I have not tried before i.e."Old dog wanting to learn new trick".

I worked a proven doe zone yesterday and today till my Call call and grunt tube became hoarse ! Yesterday the squirrels moved till the end of legal shooting time which I found was unusual. Today they barely moved and it was up in the morning before they moved and they moved so slow then. I thought they may have taken drunk last night and were hung over !!

I think yesterday and today was as Dr. John would say-"musta been at the wrong place at the wrong time!"

Just gonna have to bide time. Seeing the photo of Cheryl's deer this morning on BS just fired me up to be ready.

Genesis, I think my rut time and your rut time is about the same- yours may be a few days before me.

Thanks everyone

I don't believe in the lock down ,,,,,, have no idea of what you hunt, I hunt N Wis and SW Wis and the western UP,,,,,what locks them down is weather patterns, by that would be hot weather, like we had in 2016........

I also have a lot of area to hunt,,,,, Unless you own a thousand acres, you do not have enough land, if your going to hunt bedding grounds, because that is what I hunt because that is where they are,,,,, and yes I blow out a lot of spots, but I have enough,,,,

My own land of 54 acres and 20 acres is no where near enough to hunt, on how I hunt...... also my scouting is constant, always in season....... I hate ladder stands, like mobile light hang ons, I hunt a lot on the ground, and may hunt several set ups in one day.......

I go in early and come out late,,,, I have no fear of the woods, and do not care where I end up,,,,, unless you have unpressured land, you can not hunt big bucks, and wanting to be close to the truck, in many ways.....

I have a friend who could not find a rub line, if it was in a bag, but his family has prime land, that no one hunts, except him and his father,,,,,, this year he shot a 176 at 8 steps, and it was 2nd week of October, oh yeah, it was the lull,,,,,, He has an advantage, but knew not to waste his time in a tree stand, and hunted a pit, he dug out in the spring, in a known bedding area.....

I don't bide anytime, I am always going after them, but I hunt a lot of spots and 2 states,,,, have the time to hunt, and am all over the place, sometimes driving hours in one day, just to hunt one spot

From: elkmo
Lockdown is a buck with a doe in the middle of the day on most remote piece of cover that will barely hide a rabbit.

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