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Man detained with Mt loin in luggage
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Huntcell 27-Dec-17
Jaquomo 27-Dec-17
Ucsdryder 27-Dec-17
trublucolo 27-Dec-17
Shug 27-Dec-17
Quinn @work 27-Dec-17
TD 28-Dec-17
DL 28-Dec-17
Hunterdad 28-Dec-17
DTala 28-Dec-17
Pete In Fairbanks 28-Dec-17
Fuzzy 28-Dec-17
bowbender77 28-Dec-17
Owl 28-Dec-17
XbowfromNY 28-Dec-17
DL 28-Dec-17
Mr. Whitetail 28-Dec-17
BTM 28-Dec-17
tonyo6302 28-Dec-17
TD 28-Dec-17
Vids 28-Dec-17
iceman 28-Dec-17
LKH 30-Dec-17
From: Huntcell

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Huntcell 's embedded Photo

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Wow ! I made it thru same airport a few years ago without incident. I did pay an over weight fee because the frozen skin, skull and boned out meat made my main luggage over the limit.

From: Jaquomo
Good grief. This is what it's coming to....

From: Ucsdryder
Why was he detained?

From: trublucolo
"The cougar was tagged by Utah State Fish and Game, but TSA agents had to hold the man at McCarran International Airport to confirm the validity of the tag."

From: Shug
That sux.... I took both of mine as carry on luggage. The look going through the x Ray was priceless.

Another time I took a mule deer and antelope cape as a carry on and it defrosted in the over head.. the guy sitting next to me had it dripping all over him. I woke to the stewardess opening the bins trying to figure out what it was

From: Quinn @work
Nice to see some people are responding to the BS comments of the uneducated, anti-hunters in the comment section. Based on the story the hunter did nothing wrong. The reporter and TSA seem to be the only ones at fault.

From: TD
Lucky he wasn't flying through Commiefornia.....

"The man was not charged with a crime....." these flippin' fascist liberal Nazis....... crime? It was his RIGHT. No more illegal than flying with a Tiffany vase. (likely similar values)

He had to ship it separately? Likely missed his flight.... In all honestly...... I'd be talking to someone about having em paying for my hunt before it was all over.

Shug.... wrap em in hotel towels then plastic bags...... sops up, stuff.... insulation value as well..... =D

From: DL
I’d like to put a live snake in one of those bins that go through the X-ray. That otta clear the place out. As a kid in 61 I went to Virginia. Came back on the airplane with two large shopping bags. Two Box turtles One painted turtle Three snakes Two white mice. That was the makings for a movie.

TSA is out of control.

From: Hunterdad
Last year I had my lion rolled up and frozen in my carry on. Going thru the X-ray machine in Idaho, the TSA agent called me to the side. He said " before I open this bag, is there anything sharp in it". I said " just the teeth". He had a good laugh and we proceeded to talk about hunting for 10 minutes. Gotta love Idaho.

From: DTala
A buddy and I transported two bears in duffle bags New Mexico to Louisiana, frozen and wrapped in plastic and towels. Only problem(not mine) was I let the less than pleasant woman behind the counter load em on the conveyor belt by her self! I refused to help her after the ration she had already dished out to me.

I once had a tanned wolf skin in my carry on on the way to a convention where I hoped to sell it. A female agent asked to inspect the bag. When she reached in and touched "fur" she let out a yelp and refused to inspect further.

I could have had 5 lbs of C4 underneath that wolf skin. She wouldn't touch the skin again!


From: Fuzzy
Sounds like harassment to me

From: bowbender77
Sounds like more anti propaganda mixed with big dose of FAKE NEWS.

From: Owl
Flying back from FL years ago, I had frozen gator meat in my carry-on. It was very heavy as carry-ons go. I was fully expecting a difficult time but passing through, security,a TSA agent hoisted my bag to plunk it on the x-ray conveyor. "Oh, my gosh! What do you have in here?" "Concrete," I joked preparing to explain myself.

"Wow, they shouldn't make you carry that," she replied just assuming I was traveling for work. They x-rayed the bag and sent me on my way without so much as a raised eyebrow.

On the flip side of the coin, I've had to argue with ticket reps about not declaring my bow as a firearm. At length. To settle the matter, the women "helping me" had to call over a supervisor to truth check me and send me on my way.

From: XbowfromNY
In 2012, I flew JetBlue from Phoenix to NYC with a mt. lion and 2 grey foxes as carryon. I dumped the ice out of the cooler right before the xray. TSA freaked out when they opened the bag to see the lion and foxes, but I got through. A couple years later I flew from Williams Lake B.C. to Vancouver to NYC with a lynx. At Vancouver the homeland security or dept. of agriculture whatever they were, kept asking me what animal it was. I kept saying Lynx, and they kept asking "Lettuce". I had to google on my phone to show them what a Canadian Lynx was before they let me through.

From: DL
Lynx, Lettuce whatever gets you through.

Two years ago I was flying back from B.C. with bear and mt. goat capes salted and in a tote as a checked bag. They were 1 1/2 lbs overweight and the airline would not except it, even as an overweight bag at an extra fee. They told me that I had to reduce the weight. I sure got some strange looks as I stood out on the sidewalk and shook 3 lbs. of salt out of the hides.

From: BTM
A little off-topic, but just to show how things have changed, our family went to Hawaii in the late 60s. My brother and I each brought back a suitcase contain 2,000 firecrackers and several dozen skyrockets! Today you couldn't even carry on a photo of a firecracker. Speaking of Kalifornia (and I hope the stature of limitations has passed because I lived there then), over a decade ago I killed (not "harvested") a cougar in Utah. Not wanting to mess with the CA powers-that-be, I left the hide and most of the meat in UT, but I couldn't resist bringing back a few pounds of meat for me and some friends to sample. The instant I crossed the AZ/CA border I saw flashing lights of John Law in my rear view. "Whoa!" I thought. "Has PETA been watching me?" The cop saw my bow in the front seat and asked if I'd been hunting. By then I was sweating bullets, but all he did was issue me a warning for a burned-out license plate bulb! (BTW the meat wasn't half bad.)

From: tonyo6302
TSA agents are always trying to touch my Mountain Loin.

. . .

.. ..

. . . . of course, as I have always heard, if ya got it, flaunt it . . . . .


From: TD
I was watching to see who would catch that..... only a matter of time...... Tony was on my fly/no fly list....... =D

From: Vids
No reason for this to be a news story. "Detained" just means he was held back until game and fish officials could confirm it was legal. I'm sure most TSA agents are clueless about hunting and they have to be on the lookout for illegal animal trafficking and maybe even transport of poached animals, so they had no idea what this was. Maybe the agent was overzealous, but still doing their job. Hopefully the hunter didn't miss his flight is all I can say, otherwise no big deal.

I can't believe how dumb a lot of the news stories I read are nowadays. Anything to get people to click.

From: iceman
This is crazy. I am in Utah now (killed a lion yesterday) and was going to do this exact thing through the Vegas airport tomorrow. Several people had told me about this story since yesterday. Now, I'm going to ship it home. I'm not taking the chance at the airport.

From: LKH
Sure a change from when I used to walk up the ladder and give my guns to the pilot.

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