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Alaskan Moose Guide Recommendations
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McCree 29-Dec-17
t-roy 29-Dec-17
Pat Lefemine 29-Dec-17
Nick Muche 29-Dec-17
Bou'bound 29-Dec-17
Matt Quick 29-Dec-17
McCree 30-Dec-17
Hawkeye 30-Dec-17
Franklin 31-Dec-17
Mule Power 31-Dec-17
Buskill 31-Dec-17
Missouribreaks 31-Dec-17
standswittaknife 31-Dec-17
From: McCree
Looking for recommendations for Alaskan moose guides. I'm also debating between an outfitted DIY hunt or a guided hunt. I'm typically a DIY guy but I also want to have a good opportunity at success. Any recommendations either way? Thanks!

From: t-roy
Stan Parkerson with Denali Hunts. He is a bow only outfitter. I killed a good bull with him in ‘14. Great guy.

From: Pat Lefemine
X2 on Stan. I hunted grizzly with him. He’s the best and is 100% in favor of bow hunting.

From: Nick Muche
Stan's the man! Not only is he a great moose guide, but he's an all around great guy to be around.

From: Bou'bound
Stan would have been my guy to. Never hunted moose with him, but grizzly twice. Takes only four guys a year I believe, maybe six. Not cheap, nobody is, but he is bow only and gets it.

From: Matt Quick
Another vote for Stan. I killed a nice bull with him in 2013.

From: McCree
So it sounds like Stan is the man! No other recommendations out there?

From: Hawkeye
I hunted with Eric Umphenor of Hunt Alaska in 2012 and had a cool hunt:) Really enjoyed hunting with Eric.

From: Franklin
I was eyeing up a DIY float trip long time ago and never pulled the trigger....wish I had the prices are really getting crazy.

From: Mule Power
Fly in drop camp with Joe Shuster of Sportsman’s Air. Not cheap but way cheaper than guided. Great area for big bulls.

From: Buskill
I’ve only done DIY but if I went back I’ve always thought I’d try Joe .

Curly Warren is a very top notch outfitter.

DIY Is papa bear hands down..

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