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Vane Question
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Diamond Hunter 30-Dec-17
Nick Muche 30-Dec-17
GLP 30-Dec-17
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joehunter8301 31-Dec-17
I am excited to say that I am going to purchase a Bowtec Reign or Hoyt RX1 in the near future. I've shot both and they are both very nice bows. I am switching from an Elite Energy 35, which was a great bow for me.

My question is about vane setup with these faster bows. I will be shooting a heavier arrow (roughly 500 grains) with an FOC of 12 or over. So, because of this heavier and faster arrow (due to the new bow), is there a better vane to shoot? Also, should I shoot four vanes on the arrow or three ? I've been told that a four inch vane and four vanes on the arrow would be best, but I wanted to see if anyone had some different opinions or experiences. I currently shoot Bohning two inch Blazers and love them.

Thanks in advance, DH

From: Nick Muche
4 fletch is a great setup for sure, I like shooting the SK200s from Flex Fletch in a 4 Fletch. They seem to provide the accuracy I like with both a mechanical and fixed head. I have a few of each in my quiver always.

From: GLP
Nothing wrong with blazers! I use 4 fletch mostly because I like not having to look when putting a arrow on. Also they are more visible in flight. (Don’t need lighted knocks) I believe they help with flight on less than a perfect executed shot. But that is just my opinion. My suggestion is fletch some up both ways and see for yourself. For me February and March are perfect times to work this stuff out for yourself. Also in my opinion limbdriver rests help clearance on 4 fletch blazers. I personally use either blazers or 4 in feathers with both in the quiver. Have fun Greg

Blazers work for me. I use a standard three fletch and my arrows fly like frickin laser beams...........seriously though I get good flight.

From: Bou'bound
I’ll bet 90% of guys shoot three blazers. Don’t overthink it. Just enjoy the new set up. It does not matter.

From: Wood
Yahh, Blazers should work fine. Everyone has their own preferences and currently I'm shooting 3 Flex Fletch 2" Flash vanes. They're a little lower profile than a Blazer but I think, about the same surface area. They seem to steer any broad head I've used with them. If your bow is well tuned you shouldn't need huge vanes.

From: Franklin
I still shoot 4" 3 vane helical.....but have tons of arrows with Blazers...not much difference really just personal preference. I do SEE the 4" more in flight. I saw some offset Blazer type vanes that interested me though.

Just switched to 4 blazers. Best thing I have done for fixed head accuracy and consistency. I would highly suggest a 4 fletch setup

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