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From: beesrus
Hello. I,m another FNG (xxxxxx new guy) I have 20 non res points looking at deer in unit 2/10 or 201 can,t find point needed also u guys see many nice ones? What is my best unit to start? Love the string and sharp sticks.Im 71 and arms with rest of body going to pot. love the wi whitetail season my home thank you guys john

From: Bou'bound
Welcome John.

Not quite sure what you are asking.

From: Treeline
Not sure that those units are worth it for archery. There are much better units for deer in Colorado. If you are dead set on going up there for archery deer, there may be some water holes that work if the conditions are right.

From: MathewsMan
I second Tavis' comments- those are fantastic elk units, not so great for deer. They are difficult to draw tags, but that does not necessarily equate to fantastic hunting, just lots of demand for limited licenses.

From: Matte
That is alot of points I would definitely look at locations biologist from the DNR would recommend. It will help if you send emails with confirmation of said points. I have hunted deer on Lo vouchers in the areas you speak of. It is pretty good.

From: hooch08
10 is/was an excellent rifle unit, but IMO difficult to bowhunt. Heard it declined since I hunted it in 2003.

From: beesrus
Garbo Im in Wi ware all can use Xbow Wi is loosing hunters so this is helping get wive and older people hunting. I,m 71 now and started hunting with Fred Bear recurve. 40 # wood arrows. no cams sights release stabliers ect.Shot thousands of arrows a year Had to be close 20 25 yd bow Now i use a X bow Even so I use a 1100$ got to be on with yardage angle ect I love to practise alot from all posisions and tree stands GO with Xbow best you can afford, The game deserve it. Best time to be in the woods

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