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Am I missing something?
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spike78 02-Jan-18
Guardian Hunter 02-Jan-18
bowbender77 02-Jan-18
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Ironbow 03-Jan-18
From: spike78
I’ve been checking out Ebay as I am curious if anyone is selling any Mathews Triax’s and in the last few weeks I have seen a few. Their are people selling BARE Triax’s for $1100, 1300,1400, and $1600. They are at the shop here in MA for $999. Am I missing something or are these guys just hoping their is a sucker out there?

eBay is an odd duck. People are selling our products at Guardian hunting for double our msrp prices. We have no idea how they even got them.

From: bowbender77
Don't overlook the fact that Ebay sales are worldwide and reach markets where products may not available in many other countries.

From: DartonJager
That's the thing with ebay. I have on multiple occasions found items that varied as much $200-$300 higher than the same exact item also on sale at ebay. Case in point I bought a never used same as NIB Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15x42 scope for $600 W/S&H when the same exact scope for sale NIB by another person was going for over $800 + S&H. Same goes with compound bows. Bought my last bow at ebay. A never shot 2014 NIB Darton DS 3714 in March of 2016. The bow was literally flawless. DS 3714 originally sold for, IIRC, around $775-$800. I paid $400 TMD. Saw the same EXACT bow for sale during the same time period used at ebay for $650. I guess sellers figure rather wisely they can always reduce an asking price, so no harm in starting out with a high asking price. But I have seen countless times were peoples asking prices were higher and sometimes significantly higher than the item could be had else where.

From: Inshart
Agree, you also have to watch Amazon. I was looking for a ground blind and found one on Amazon, put it in my cart, then checked it at Cabela's exact same blind was about 10% less at Cabela's (not on sale) than at Amazon.

From: Ironbow
Unless you follow the auction, many of those higher priced items don't sell. You can ask anything you want, doesn't mean it will sell. I bookmark lots of items at higher prices just to see if they will sell, and they rarely ever do.

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