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Black Gold Pure Gold 75 Advice
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Tmartinez822 04-Jan-18
Bliz6 04-Jan-18
tech1 04-Jan-18
From: Tmartinez822
I am looking to upgrade to the Black Gold Pure Gold 75 bow sight and want to get opinions on it. Its pretty expensive and I just want to see if it is worth it. Right now I have a Trophy Ridge React and its been good, but since I have really go into hunting and shooting in general I want to be able to shoot further and with the sight I have now I can't go beyond 60. Any advice on this sight or another one that is good would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

From: Bliz6
The Pure Gold 75 is a fantastic sight. I have been shooting them for years with no complaints. I am currently shooting all 5 pins at .019 but you may want to consider ordering the bottom pin at .010 as .019 starts to look pretty big at longer distances.

From: tech1
I would recommend the new MBG Verdict Assault. Lighter because of the lesser grade aluminum. A lot of the same features. It is also less expensive.

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