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Another bow case question...
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From: pointingdogs
I looking for a hard case. In three years I hope to travel to Africa. Old soft sided case is shot so time to up grade. I have read the old threads and it seems SKB is quality. Question 1. single or double bow case. I will hopefully go with a friend and two bows in one case will cut back on luggage. Also if only one bow I can pack clothes in the case. Is a double to big and awkward? Extra weight??? Question 2. Does it matter if the case is metal or hard plastic??? Question 3. I like the idea of wheels on the SKB case or are they a pain in the rear end? NOTE: I have a Mathews Outback Any other advice would be appreciated.

From: dave cahilly
best cas ever if taking one bow pack your hunting clothes on top if using a double wheels are a bonus on long trips thru the airport great handles get the green double I case easy to find

From: Bou'bound
wheels on an skb double are the way to go

From: smarba
I don't think you'll ever regret having a little more room to stuff clothes, etc. even if you don't carry 2 bows...

From: XMan
I have the double SKB on wheels and it’s the way to go. Whether it be two bows or needing to add clothes, it gives you more room for packing gear on a trip. Hard plastic is lighter and just as durable, in fact I would say I have had less issues with my SKB since I owned it than the metal case where I broke wheels and had rivets break.

From: Fuzz
I have single bow skb. VERY durable! Still has plenty of room for clothes and gear. Kinda on the heavy side but not an issue if goin to Africa.

From: BUCKeye
Which model SKB do you guys have? My bow has 43" length, so I have more limited options.

From: t-roy
I love my Pole Mountain case, however, they’re no longer made. I also have an SKB, but it is not as heavy duty as their higher end cases. I would definitely recommend going with the high end SKB, and get the double.

From: t-roy

From: Franklin
SKB.....and I put a big "Titleist" sticker on it.

From: Shaft2Long
Double bow case load it with clothes.

I use a Tuffpak double bow case. I can fit a lot more in it than the SKB double case. I sold my SKB double and bought it.

Plus it looks like a golf club case and no one ever asks any questions.

It is a little pricey.

You might want to take a look at it.

From: TX Cazador
What was the model of tuffp a case?

From: Russell

Russell's embedded Photo
Russell's embedded Photo
I too have a Tuffpack. Believe its a model 1442. Just cked and couldnt find a model number on the case.

My bow & arrow, boots, and most of my clothes while staying under 50 lbs.

I believe it is the correct model number. Bigpizzaman turned me on to this case. It is great.

I can fit 2 bows arrows, boots, day pack, sleeping bag and other stuff in it.

I like to take this case along with my Terra Glide. I can put one bow and enough stuff in each case so that I can hunt if either case arrives.

It helps to have options with the airlines these days.

From: mountainman
They don't make pole mountain anymore? That unfortunate. I'm glad I bought mine when I did. If I ever lose that case, those tuff packs will probably take its place.

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