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Remi Warren Recounts Recent Bear Attack
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Zim 04-Jan-18
IdyllwildArcher 04-Jan-18
ben yehuda 04-Jan-18
LINK 05-Jan-18
Surfbow 05-Jan-18
Bill Obeid 05-Jan-18
Mule Power 05-Jan-18
thedude 05-Jan-18
Newhunter1 07-Jan-18
From: Zim

Zim's Link
Pretty interesting story of how Remi Warren and the Meateater crew (6 people in total) had a grizzly turn predatory on them while hunting Afognak island this past October. I don't know if they were rifle or bowhunting but in this particular instance it doesn't really matter. The bear came charging from upwind so it doesn't seem to be an instance of surprising a female and her cubs. The Meateater podcast episodes #85 & 86 give an even more detailed account from multiple perspectives if folks are interested.

Pretty crazy.

Yes those podcast episodes were nuts.

From: LINK
That’s crazy.

From: Surfbow
Those two podcast episodes are awesome, had to find a nice long drive so I wouldn't have to turn them off in the middle...

From: Bill Obeid
Damn ...........How many guys can say they rode on the back of a charging grizzly ?


From: Mule Power
Remis dad Smut was a badass. I used to rent a house from him in Montana. His wife June is as sweet as can be. Nothing like a true old school cowboy and that he was!

From: thedude
Just watched his jre podcast talking about it. When he left his pistol on his pack is why handgun never leaves my hip.

From: Newhunter1
I believe the bear was killed later in the year...1200 lbs of crazy.

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