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Scott Release misfire extreme cold
Whitetail Deer
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Nimrod90 05-Jan-18
tobinsghost 05-Jan-18
GotBowAz 05-Jan-18
Pyrannah 05-Jan-18
md5252 05-Jan-18
Bou'bound 05-Jan-18
Burly 05-Jan-18
Bowboy 05-Jan-18
pa bowhunter 05-Jan-18
HUNT MAN 05-Jan-18
Nick Muche 05-Jan-18
ohiohunter 05-Jan-18
GLP 05-Jan-18
APauls 05-Jan-18
Nimrod90 09-Jan-18
WV Mountaineer 09-Jan-18
From: Nimrod90
Anybody else have this problem? Happened to me twice now, once late winter 2016 attempting to shoot a doe and again on 1-2-2018 taking a chip shot at a nice 7 pt that I had at 15 yds. Its like it hang fires and triggers late. Both deer I shot way over their backs. It was - 5 deg out Tuesday nite in the stand. Last year when it happened I assumed because I had it in my pocket and the condensation made it freeze. This year I turned it backwards on my wrist the entire hunt and left it out of my pocket and put my hands inside with handwarmers. Kicker is I shot before I left the house 4 times and it was fine. Great release until it gets cold.....

From: tobinsghost
Lots of things work great until it gets cold! Have you tried adding some type of lubrication that won't freeze?

From: GotBowAz
"Lots of things work great until it gets cold!"

Yes, including humans! -5 degrees, holy crap that's some dedication!

Im with tobinsghost, spray some lithium grease on it and work it in. That should resolve your issue.

From: Pyrannah
Call mfr

From: md5252
At those temps lots of things can/will fail. Other releases will too.

I shoot trad and use my fingers and at -5 not sure they’d work well either.. :)

From: Bou'bound
no issues including a couple arctic experiences. you don't want any lubrication you want it totally dry and cold

From: Burly
Yep had it happen also, so I am putting some graphite powder on it. Hopefully helps.

From: Bowboy
Use a air compressor and blow it out. There maybe some dirt or moisture.

From: pa bowhunter
graphite powder will help and works great, just make sure that whatever you are putting it on is free of other oil's/ lube, or it can cause more problems then it solves..

For once I agree with Bou. Keep It dry. And in your glove if possible. Hunt

From: Nick Muche
On musk ox hunts and other colder temperature trips I make sure my release is outside of my glove the entire time. If placed in your glove, body heat will create moisture and it'll freeze once you remove it. At least that has been my experience.

Sounds like you did all you could do and I'd blame the release.

From: ohiohunter
I'm with Bowboy on this one.. moisture is what I think the problem is. I wonder if there is any sort of condensation that is freezing. When I'm bored in my stand I'm usually fidgeting w/ my trigger and jaws. You do not want any wet lubes in your scott.

From: GLP
Twice a year I take the head off my Scott and clean it with brake cleaner. Then blow it out. Then spray it with WD40 and let it set over night. No problems. Do this then do what Nick said! But remember nothing is perfect. Greg

From: APauls
I regularly use my $100 Tru-fire in those temps and never had an issue. Also always wear it on the outside.

From: Nimrod90
Thanks for the responses guys, I may try the graphite powder and see what happens . Or may just buy a new release, mine is getting some years on it but has always treated me good until these cold spells.

I have used WD40 Dri-Lube on my Scott release. At least 5 years old-no problems. But this is in KS and MO, not where Nick goes.

I'd keep it dry after putting Kroll oil on it. Just put a bit on all the working parts. Then wipe as dry as possible.

Kroll oil is the berries. Once we were hunting in -10 degree weather during black powder season. My dad had used Rem oil in the housing that holds the hammer on the Hawken style guns. He tried shooting a doe and the hammer would fall in slow motion. We scrounged around and came up with some Kroll oil a engineer buddy had brought with him for that very reason. Took the side plate off, squirted it on the hammer, worked it back and forth several times and, killed a deer with it three hours later. Since then, been using it for gun actions and anything exposed to extreme cold and moisture. It hasn't failed us yet.

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