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Looking to turkey hunt in Nebraska
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I am interested in a archery turkey hunt in Nebraska, since I will be most likely going by myself would be interested in outfitter options, but would also entertain public land opportunities. Are the tags OTC or is there a draw

Tags are OTC and there are lots of public land options available throughout the state with good to really good chances of getting a turkey if you do your homework. I have no input on outfitters for turkeys.

Thanks I have been successful in Missouri and Kansas the last couple of years but driving so I can haul blinds , dekes , etc. Looking specifically for a Merriam any different techniques for these birds

From: Jaquomo
Lots of Merriams and public land in the NW corner of the state in the State Forest. The NE online public hunting atlas also shows all the walk in areas. Merriams are often in "mountainous" pine treed areas unless you find a spot down near ag fields, which are generally private. Hunt them just like any other turkey.

From: Scrappy
Google bow hunt turkeys in Nebraska bowsite. You I'll have so much to read your brain will hurt.

From: Timbrhuntr
I have gone to Nebraska for a few years now near Chadron. As said the tags are OTC and you can get up to 3 last year they were $90 each you should check there DNR site they can be bought online and printed out. If you go for archery you won`t likely see very many other hunters. If you get lucky the tom groups will be breaking up and moving off of the private ranches. But usually during archery they are still in big bachelor groups. I hunted on a ranch and some public. If you see turkeys it doesn`t hurt to stop and ask to hunt some will want a tresspass fee ! It can be somewhat like fall hunting before they break up. If you find a tom roost site get close to it and you will have a ball in the am with all the tom and jake talk. I walked in in the dark and set up a blind 50 yards from the roost. I had 35 toms and jakes strutting and fighting all around me it was amazing. Also there is a good chance you will get some snow. Everytime I have gone it snowed several days and got 8 inches. I know you say you have been to Kansas but be aware the back roads after a snow or rain are some of the worst I have ever driven on. If you go later you will find they are very talkative and you can call them from a long ways. Decoys can be killer as well. Good luck.

From: Russell
Suggest contacting the Chadron State Forester Dept. I think that's the folks we talked with a few years ago prior to and during a spring turkey hunt. They had real-time info on the flocks.

Talk with the local Game Warden too. Very helpful folks.

Be careful the dirt roads. They very "soupy" when wet.

Cabins are normally available at the State Park near Chadron. Nice places to base.

From: pav
I tried the Chadron area during early archery in 2013. There was still snow on the ground and the birds were still flocked up on private land cattle ranches. I hunted public land for a week and never saw a bird. Finally gave up and drove south into some better weather conditions. Hunted public land for four days and killed three birds.....but all three appeared to be more Rio than anything. Guess what I'm saying is...if you go early, have a backup plan.

From: PoudreCanyon
Just about anywhere you find riparian habitat in Nebraska you will find turkeys. As others have mentioned, in years passed, you could buy up to 3 spring licenses OTC, and you can kill all 3 birds on the same day. For opportunity at multiple harvest, the regulations are among the most lenient in the country. If you are concerned with getting a “pure” merriams subspecies, I would stick with the extreme NW corner of the state. A good portion of Nebraska’s birds are mutts - eastern rio merriams hybrids.

From: Mule Power
You don’t need an outfitter. Hunt anywhere along the Niobrara River and you’ll be into birds. Anywhere around Lynch or Spencer is good hunting. Don’t be afraid to knock on doors. A lot of those farmers don’t hunt. Some will be happy to let you hunt. Some might ask for a small trespass fee. It’s worth it! Also look up info about hunting the Santee Indian Reservation.

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