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Turkey hunt Nebraska
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Brknarrow1970 08-Jan-18
Nimrod90 08-Jan-18
Deerplotter 08-Jan-18
wytex 09-Jan-18
I am interested in doing a spring turkey hunt this year in Nebraska< may need to go the outfitter route as I will be coming by myself but want to see everyone's opinions on the public opportunities as well. Any information on outfitters or a good starting point for public would be great

From: Nimrod90
Brknarrow1970, save yourself the money and forget the outfitter! I have been doing a Kansas/ Nebraska spring turkey trip the last 7 years or so and hunt strictly public ground. Usually me and a couple buddies go and always have got into plenty of birds. We have our favorite spots now but have killed birds in many different WMA areas and other public spots. Hunt during the week if you can and expect a little more pressure on the weekends. We have never even bothered knocking on doors for private land, it can be pretty good if you do your homework before you go.

From: Deerplotter
HPO Outfitters Nebraska/Kansas Plenty of birds, good guys.

From: wytex
Nimrod is right on, no outfitters needed. Landowners are pretty easy to give access for turkeys. Nebraska has tons of birds. take a fishing rod also as the public ponds and river are great fishing for warm water species. The public access areas have good hunting.

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