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montana land locked units?
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From: bowman22
not looking for anyone's secrets just wondering if anyone know of a few units in montana that are completely land locked? I just think it would be fun to have a helicopter fly me in and have a decent hunt without as much pressure.

There are not land locked units. There are land locked BLM and public land. Find a big piece of public surrounded by private and go for it. Good luck. Hunt

From: smarba
I think too, that Bigfin/Randy flew into an area that could actually be walked to but the route was so long/circuitous via public land that it was virtually impossible on foot to hike in and pack out an elk.

I looked into helicopter briefly here in NM and was informed that getting a permit to land was difficult and the flight price was too rich for my blood.

From: Big Fin

Big Fin's Link
At the link is a YouTube episode where we did just that.; accessed an area that was completely landlocked by private lands.

A few things to note if you do look into it.

You cannot land on Forest Service lands. You can land on BLM lands, so long as you land on an existing two-track and you have a transporter who is permitted by the BLM to land and transport.

It is far less expensive than most think, if you plan it properly and split the cost among multiple people. Cost is strictly the hourly flight time rate, so plan your shuttle flights accordingly to save airtime and you will save money. It can be done for $800 per guy, if you plan it properly and depending upon how many shuttle trips are needed to haul out any elk that might be taken. Still a chunk of money, but not near the $10K people most often tell me they thought it would cost.

Also understand that if it is a good spot there are probably private aircraft owners who fly in and hunt it. This spot in the video gets plenty of pressure from guys hunting by accessing with private aircraft. If I had a private plane, I would be doing the same thing.

I've investigated many other places where it could be done. It's been three seasons since we last did this. Our main reason for showing it was to give people the incentive to go and enjoy their public lands and not let the hurdles deter them. I think we made that point over the years we did this hunt.

From: Mule Power
What Hunt said. But I think that’s what he meant to say Hunt.

What do you want to hunt? Deer, elk? You better do your homework because for the price you’ll pay you are going to want a really good chance of killing a really big specimen of whatever you hunt. And remember you are in the lower 48 so no matter where you go someone else will be there. Those sections are all hunted by somebody.

From: marktm250
Field&Stream Feb-Mar 2018 has an article on Durfee Hills in MT. Billionaires own the land surrounding it. They had to copter in and out.

From: goelk
Bigfin,What happen if a animal runs onto private after shot and dies.

From: Big Fin
"Bigfin,What happen if a animal runs onto private after shot and dies."

Pretty easy.

As grandpa would say, "You get screwed without gettin' kissed."

That landowners isn't going to let me, and probably no other fly-in hunter, on their land to retrieve an elk. So, you have to be very careful in your shots and how you hunt.

From: Barty1970

Barty1970's Link
"You get screwed without gettin' kissed."

And with that, Randy 'Big Fin' Newberg wins the instagoogletweetbooknet for the entire year!!!

Joking apart, I found an interesting piece on the MT FW&P about accessing public which appears to be landlocked by private, through the narrowest slivers of public...which reinforces Randy's excellent advice to use a premium mapping system to identify those hidden access routes

From: Grubby
Be careful, even with a premium mapping system. Recently there has been some instances where the map said public and it wasn’t resulting in legal action.

From: phulquiver
sounds like fun. One way to get away from some hunters atleast

From: Royboy
My understanding at least here in Oregon is if you shot an animal that ran onto private and the owner won’t let you retrieve it that fish and game or state police could get you in. The meat would be lost if the process took too long.

From: marktm250
If you u copter in, you may not get away from other hunters since the private land owners can still hunt the landlocked public land??? (assuming they have tags; I have no idea if Durfee Hills is a special draw).

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