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Rob in VT 08-Jan-18
sticksender 08-Jan-18
Charlie Rehor 09-Jan-18
midwest 09-Jan-18
APauls 09-Jan-18
t-roy 09-Jan-18
KJC 09-Jan-18
The last savage 09-Jan-18
Jack Harris 09-Jan-18
Rob in VT 09-Jan-18
Charlie Rehor 10-Jan-18
From: Rob in VT

Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Rob in VT's embedded Photo
I received the Age results back from my Iowa Whitetail today from deerage.com

“The cementum-annuli analysis has determined that the age of “Burkart Iowa 9pt” is 5.5 years. ”

A nice mature buck.

From: sticksender
Another good example where you can't just look at the antlers and determine age. Most would've probably guessed him at 2.5 or 3.5 as an Iowa buck. Body looks nice and husky.

The goal in Iowa! Congrats!

From: midwest
Heck yeah....congrats!

From: APauls
Congrats! Killing a mature deer anywhere is an accomplishment

From: t-roy
Congrats on your Iowa buck, Rob!

From: KJC
That's great Rob! Congrats!

Nice mature brute!!

From: Jack Harris
congrats - that's the perfect age for harvest!

From: Rob in VT
Thanks everyone. I actually thought he was much older and on the downhill side. I’m surprised that a healthy 5.5 year old Iowa buck was only 126”. I guess not all bucks can be giants.

Genetics are the most important of the three

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